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Best fit machine

This useful tool of ours helps find frames that closest fit a pair of glasses you already own. The idea came from a customer named Estella, who sent us this email:

"My proposal is that you get your web designer to create a search function whereby the customer can enter the measurements, thus finding the closest match you stock to their present glasses."

So we did. Thanks, Estella. And here it is. Simply enter your frame measurements and click go, and a list of our closest fitting glasses will appear.

You can often find the main measurements you need on the inside of your glasses, however you can also measure your glasses.

Find a match:

mm mm mm
The measurements you require are probably on the arm of your glasses

These are the most useful measurements to help you find a match and can often be found on the side of your glasses

Enter other measurements
mm mm

What do the Frame Measurements mean?

The easiest way to get the right frame size is to get the dimensions from a comfortable pair of glasses you already have.

On one of the legs you will usually find (with the aid of a magnifying glass) three measurements, the first two separated by a rectangle.

glasses arms dimensions

The Lens Diameter is a matter of choice, but the other two determine the fit.

They do not need to be exact, but the closer they are to your existing pair, the more likely your new glasses are to be a comfortable fit.

Image showing how to read your frame dimensions Image showing how to read your frame dimensions

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