Meet the team

Our Founder

It was a spark from Executive Chairman Jamie Murray Wells’ fine mind that ignited the entrepreneurial fire that’s become the largest online opticians in the world. He started Glasses Direct from his parent’s front room while at university in 2004, and with it a revolution in the optical sales industry. Click here to learn more about our rebellious founder, who famously once sent sheep into Specsavers stores to demonstrate how he thought their customers were being fleeced.

Our Executive Team

Jamie is joined by a world class team of senior managers led by our extraordinary shirt-wearing CEO Kevin Cornils (former CEO of and European MD of and our very own rockstar guitarist - and also CFO/CIO - Howard Bryant (formerly CFO of Mark Patterson (also formally of Figleaves) is Operations Director, and in charge of making sure they get to you quickly and of course in tip-top shape. 

Our Dispensing Opticians

Headed up by David Hutchfield FDBO, our rapidly growing team of FBDO (Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians) opticians are all registered with the General Optical Council and take genuine care in checking each and every single order looks right before the glasses even get made. You may find that you are getting a free telephone consultation about your order from one of these guys.

Our Fulfillment Team

A whole host of people make sure your glasses make it from Swindon to your letterbox faster than the speed of light. Well, maybe a little slower. As well as handling the complicated logistics of dispatching hundreds of pairs of glasses every day, they also look after our stock - around 20,000 frames at any one time.

Our Customer Service Team

Based in Swindon, our are all highly trained in optics (the science of sight). A tradition of Glasses Direct is that there has always been an office mascot which is looked after by the Customer Service team. He’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy called Dennis and his responsibilities include looking cute and posing for the occasional photo in specs.

Our Technology Guys

Andy Dawkins runs our hard-working technology team in our London office: Phil, Alex, Jaime, Miguel, Piotr, Tim, Tyler and Andrew. These are the brains behind this website and all the technology that handles and tracks your glasses from the moment you choose them, right through to seeing them safely sent to your home.

Our Marketing Team

The Marketing Team - Alan, Oliver and Sarah are a small but perfectly formed team. Together they make sure that search engines and affiliates love us, that our ads look good, and that our customers and potential customers are provided with engaging offers and content that makes them smile.  They also make sure that the press know all about how great we are too! Saying no to big silly expensive advertising is one of the ways we keep our prices low, so the team are constantly thinking of ways to do more with less and continue to spread the word. If you have any great ideas, don't hesitate to Email us as there is such a thing as a free lunch!

Our Support Services Team

Also helping things run smoothly are our friends in finance, led by Howard. Their skill is looking after the pennies so that we can pass on our savings to you. Then there’s Juliet. She’s head of talent, and does a great job of spotting people who can add something special to our business, while at the same time looking after those of us already here, making sure we’re happy, well trained, and never short of chocolate chip cookies. If you’re interested in working for Glasses Direct, email Juliet here… Or check our job vacancies.