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Bifocal and Varifocal lenses
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Why bifocal lenses

Designed to help you focus on things far and near, bifocal lenses have a visible line on the lens to provide a distinct separation between the upper and lower part. While the upper part is used for seeing at a distance, the bottom part is used for seeing things up close. Bifocal lenses use two prescriptions in one lens, meaning you only need one pair of glasses. You’ll enjoy the ease that comes with these lenses. Our price £39

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Why varifocal lenses

For things far, near and everything in between, varifocal lenses help you see objects at all distances. Offering a smooth progression from long distance at the top, to intermediate distance in the middle, to very close at the bottom, they keep you from needing several pairs of glasses with different prescriptions. We use freeform lenses for our varifocals, meaning they provide a wider field of vision at all distances, more so than basic lenses, and are easy to adapt to. From £49

Our Varifocal options

We make buying varifocal lenses online easier, faster and more affordable, without sacrificing quality.

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Varifocal Advanced

Crafted from modern Freeform lenses, Varifocal Advanced harnesses this lens technology, offering a wider field of vision at all distances, when compared to standard varifocal lenses.
Our price £49

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Varifocal Elite HD

Featuring multi-aspheric, Freeform lens technology including a special aberration filter to greatly reduce distortion at the edge of the lens. Binocular balancing calculations are made to create the smoothest power transitions throughout the lens. Elite HD offers a 30% improvement in field of vision compared to a conventional lens.
Our price £79

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Varifocal Supreme HD

Digital Ray Path technology takes account of the specific frame, prescription, and optical centres, producing a lens that greatly reduces unwanted aberrations, improving field of vision at all distances. Excellent for desk, tablet, and reading distances where they offer a 20% wider field of view than Elite HD, Supreme HD are our recommended lenses for all wearers.
Our price £99

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Upgrade your lens package

Complete your order with one of our lens packages to ensure you get the most out of your new glasses. With a selection of options to suit your budget and needs, we’re sure you’ll find the best one for you. We also offer a free basic lens package as standard, that has no protective coatings or thin lens options. For this option, simply click on ‘continue with basic lenses’ when choosing your lens package.

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