Adjusting your glasses

How do I adjust the fit?

For most customers there will be no need to adjust the fit. However, for those who order a pair of glasses or sunglasses that need adjusting slightly, one of our qualified opticians David, tells you how to do this yourself - see our short videos below.

Video One - How to adjust your nose pads

  • Grip the frame of the glasses firmly
  • Hold the nose pad between thumb and forefinger and move in or out slightly
  • Do the same for the other pad
  • Check them by trying them on
  • Do this again until you're happy, making very small changes each time

Video One - How to adjust arms on metal frames

  • Put them on and mark on your glasses where you'd like the bend to start
  • Take them off and heat up the side where you wish to make the bend for about 20-30 seconds
  • Gently, but firmly bend the glasses straight
  • Reheat the arms again for another 20 seconds or so
  • Bend the arm around your thumb to make a smooth curve
  • Try them on again and see if they feel better, if not, try again until you're happy

For rimless frames, we recommend you send them in to us for adjustments as these are slightly more delicate.