Refer a Friend Scheme

Spread the word, earn rewards.

How does it work?

Are there any limits or restrictions?

I’ve been referred to Glasses Direct by a friend and they said I just need to enter their name to get a discount that they offered me. Where can I do this?

I’ve referred someone. How do I know whether they’ve bought anything and whether I’ve got a reward?

I got given a different refer-a-friend offer from my friend?

I’ve signed up to the Refer-a-friend scheme but can’t remember what the offer was or how to share it?

I signed up to the refer-a-friend scheme with a fake name, can I change it?

I entered my friend’s name and it didn’t work?

I sent my friend to you but I never got my own offer/reward for referring them?

Can i used my refer-a-friend discount with another discount offer code?