Put on your winter glasses coating

It's getting to that chilly time of the year, and in Winter your glasses will face more abuse - snowy and wet weather conditions and darker evenings when you're driving home. It's more important than ever to make sure your lenses and therefore your vision is protected, and you can stay safe and see clearly this season. Here we explain the benefits of some of our lens coatings.

Driving at night

Ordinary lenses cause reflections that can result in you seeing hazy "ghost" images or halos of light in your lenses. This can be annoying and distracting when using the computer, watching TV or especially driving at night with the glare of oncoming headlights. Our qualified opticians recommend adding an Anti-reflective coating to make your vision clearer and give your glasses a more attractive appearance, as others will be able to see your eyes more clearly behind them.

an image showing the difference between ordinary and Anti-reflective coating or Teflon® coated lenses lenses

Ordinary lenses

Anti-reflective coated lenses

Winter sports

You may still need to consider sunglasses coatings in the Winter season - Polarised lenses will be useful if you're heading to the ski slopes and a UV400 protective coating will protect your eyes from the bright sun.

an image showing the difference between ordinary and polarised lenses

Ordinary lenses

Polarised lenses

Protecting your lens

Most modern lenses are made of plastic based materials making them considerably lighter in weight. However, this means that they tend to be soft and more susceptible to scratching. Therefore, our qualified opticians recommend adding a Scratch resistant coating to all of our lenses to help protect from every day scratches.

an image showing the difference between ordinary and scratch resistant lenses

Ordinary lenses

Scratch resistant coated lenses

You will be offered all of these coatings when you choose and personalise your glasses. Why not check out our Deals of the Week or view all of our glasses to find a pair you like?