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What sunglasses suit my face shape?

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A couple posing in front of flower bushes. The smiling woman sports a pair of cat eye sunglasses, while the man wears a pair of cool aviator shades. A couple posing in front of flower bushes. The smiling woman sports a pair of cat eye sunglasses, while the man wears a pair of cool aviator shades.

When shopping online, do you find yourself saying, “What sunglasses suit my face?” While it’s important to consider your own personal style as well, finding sunglasses that really highlight your features is a great place to start. Discover which sunglasses complement you best with our handy guide to face shapes. At Glasses Direct, we understand choosing from such a wide range can be daunting at first! But don’t worry, once you know what you’re looking for, it’s actually really easy.

There are seven basic face shapes that suit certain styles of sunglasses. We have listed them to give you an idea of what to keep an eye out for.

How to find your face shape?

One of the best ways to find out what face shape you have is by looking at your reflection in the mirror. Trace the outline of your face with your finger, use lipstick as a marker, or take a photo of yourself on your phone. Keep in mind that if you have long hair, it’s best to keep it out of the way. Next, take a look at the shapes we’ve listed and compare them to your reflection or the outline you’ve drawn. This will help you to identify your face shape and determine which designs suit you best.

Illustration of an oblong face wearing Wayfarer sunglasses

Oblong faces

Oblong-shaped faces tend to have an elongated appearance and are also very narrow. If you have an oblong face, then your forehead, cheekbones and jawline will be similar in width. Here is what we suggest for you:

  • Avoid very thin or small sunglasses as they will elongate your face too much.
  • Aim to make your face look wider with sunglasses that have decorative details or a contrasting design along the temples. Bright and colourful frames are also a fantastic option.
  • Aviators are a classic style of sunglasses recognised for their thin metal structure and teardrop lenses which will help to balance out the shape of your face and make it appear fuller.
  • Feminine, dramatic cat-eye sunglasses with sharp exaggerated angles will grab attention and will add width to the top of your face.
  • Boxy-style square or classic Wayfarer sunglasses will provide a stylish contrast to your features and add definition to your face.

Illustration of a diamond-shaped face wearing cat-eye sunglasses

Diamond face shapes

Individuals with a diamond face shape tend to have a narrow forehead and chin. Their cheekbones will be the widest part of their face. If you have a diamond-shaped face, we recommend:

  • Stay clear of sharp angles and frames that are wider than your cheekbones. Particularly square shapes, as they will over-emphasise your more angular features.
  • Rectangular styles, however, are a good balance of harsh angles and smooth curves that will complement your diamond face shape.
  • Oval-shaped sunglasses tend to have very smooth lines that will soften your cheekbones and jawline nicely.
  • Classic Clubmasters are characterised by their bold browline, which will add emphasise to your forehead and help balance out your wide cheekbones and narrow chin.
  • A charming pair of cat-eye shades will soften your features and contrast your face shape perfectly, whilst also accentuating your prominent cheekbones.

Illustration of a square face wearing round sunglasses

Square face shapes

Square faces are typically a similar length and width across the face. People with this face shape have a strong jawline and wide face. These are our style tips for you:

  • Try not to go for square or rectangular frames as they will make your face look off-balance.
  • Oval sunglasses will contrast the shape of your face nicely. The curved and circular angles will soften your features.
  • Cat-eye or butterfly sunglasses with elegant upswept corners will add a playful edge to your style.
  • Timeless Aviators will look really stylish, but make sure you avoid more contemporary square-shaped designs and instead opt for frames with classic teardrop or circular lenses.
  • Sleek metal sunglasses will really suit you, especially a retro-round pair or a classic Clubmaster.

Illustration of a heart-shaped face wearing oval sunglasses

Heart-shaped faces

If your face is a heart shape, you’ll have a small chin and broad cheekbones with a wide forehead. The good news is that a heart-shaped face is very versatile because it is rounded at the top and more angular at the bottom, creating the perfect balance. Here are the sunglasses we have picked for you:

  • Try to stay away from narrow styles as they will make your face look wider.
  • Pilot-style sunglasses, otherwise known as Aviators, will accentuate the shape of your face perfectly, especially those that are rounder as they will contrast your pointed chin.
  • Cat-eyes are well-known for their dramatic curves which will help contour your face, emphasising your unique features.
  • Wayfarer sunglasses have recognisable curved corners which will make your forehead appear narrower and soften your sharp jawline.
  • Designs with a round or oval silhouette are very flattering and contrast nicely with your more angular features.

Illustration of a triangular face wearing rimless sunglasses

Triangular faces

A triangular face shape is distinguished by a small chin that widens up to the cheekbones and forehead. In other words, it’s like an upside-down triangle. If your face is this shape, here is what we suggest for you:

  • Try and avoid bold frames that bring focus to your broad forehead. You should also stay away from geometric shapes.
  • Oval-shaped sunglasses are one of the best options for you because of their versatility and ability to soften your features.
  • Rimless sunglasses are very minimalistic which will help your face to appear less wide.
  • A charming pair of cat-eyes will give your face a more oval appearance, helping to soften your features.
  • Clubmasters are top-heavy in design and so will therefore help balance out the bottom of your face.

Illustration of an oval face wearing square sunglasses

Oval face shapes

Oval-shaped faces are longer than they are wide. People with this face shape have well-balanced features with slightly wider cheekbones and a forehead that is similar in size to the jawline. Here’s what we recommend for you:

  • Small or narrow-shaped sunglasses are very unflattering as they will make your head look bigger than it really is. Similarly, you’re also best to avoid frames that are too wide for your face as this will exaggerate how narrow it is.
  • Cat-eye sunglasses will become the focal point of your face and are capable of adding emphasise to your cheekbones, helping you to achieve a glamorous vintage look.
  • A square frame with a strong outline will soften your features and give you a warm, approachable appearance.
  • Rectangular designs will offset your face shape and give you a smart, sophisticated look.
  • Round metal sunglasses are effortlessly cool and packed with retro style. They will complement the curves of your face.

Illustration of a round face wearing rectangular sunglasses

Round face shapes

People with round faces will have a circular chin and forehead and full cheeks. These are our suggestions for you if you have a round face:

  • Our best advice would be to avoid round or oval frames as circular sunglasses are at risk of emphasising the roundness of your face.
  • Elegant cat-eye sunglasses with their classic upswept edges will give you a glamorous look.
  • Any designs with an angular shape, like geometric, rectangular and square sunglasses, will add length to your face and accentuate your best features.
  • Try oversized styles, especially navigator sunglasses. A modern version of the Aviator, navigator-style designs tend to be rectangular or square in shape. You’ll want to stay away from the traditional teardrop lenses as they are too round. You can find navigator sunglasses in our square and rectangular ranges.
  • Wayfarer designs are well-known for their exaggerated corners, helping to draw attention to your browline and lengthen your face.

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