The best sunglasses to suit small faces

A black and a tortoiseshell pair of sunglasses lying on a table next to a palm frond A black and a tortoiseshell pair of sunglasses lying on a table next to a palm frond

Finding sunglasses that fit you perfectly can be a real challenge sometimes, especially if you have a naturally small face. Frames that are too large will overcrowd your features, while others become a nuisance because they are too loose and constantly slide down your face. If this sounds like a familiar dilemma to you, then we have some really helpful advice on how to find the best sunglasses for small faces.

Where can I find the measurements for sunglasses?

We have a variety of different frame sizes for you to choose from. Simply browse our range of stylish sunglasses and narrow down your search by applying the filters, which include frame size, shape, colour and more. Then simply click on any of our frames and scroll down to find the information you need. This will help you find sunglasses that are a suitable size. All frames feature these specific dimensions:

Internal frame width: This is the horizontal width of the frame measured from the furthest side.

Bridge width: The distance between the lenses.

Lens height: This is the vertical height of each lens.

Lens diameter: This is the horizontal width of each lens.

Temple length: This is the length of the arms of the glasses.

A graphic illustrating where on the frame to take the sunglasses measurements mentioned above A graphic illustrating where on the frame to take the sunglasses measurements mentioned above

How do I measure my face for sunglasses?

When it comes to looking for the right size sunglasses, the best place to start is by measuring your face. In order to do this accurately, you’ll want to check the width of your face and nose bridge and also the length of your temples in millimetres. This will help identify the most suitable lens width, bridge width and temple length for your sunglasses.

Ruler next to a pair of folded glasses on a table

To find your lens width, you’ll need to measure the distance between each of your temples. This will tell you the width of your face. People with small faces will require a narrower lens width. If your temple width is between 115mm and 130mm, you have a small face and so we recommend that you choose a pair of sunglasses with a lens width of between 44mm and 50mm. Try to avoid anything higher than 55mm, unless you intentionally want to make a bold statement in a pair of oversized sunglasses.

The best way to measure your bridge width is to look at your face side-on, ideally using a photo. If the bridge of your nose is horizontal to or below your pupils, you are best off choosing sunglasses with a small bridge width of around 14 to 20mm. If your nose bridge is higher than your pupils, then we’d suggest picking sunglasses with a large bridge width of 21 to 25mm.

To measure the length of your temples, you’ll need to work out the distance between your eye and ear. Use a ruler to measure from the edge of your eye to above your ear. If you have a temple length of 80 to 90 mm, you have a small face and will want to go for sunglasses with smaller temples. A temple length of around 125 to 130mm is common for small sunglasses, medium sunglasses tend to be 130 to 135mm long, whilst larger sunglasses have temples that are 145mm or longer.

Pair of small glasses being held up to an eye test letter board

Close-up of the eye of a woman wearing red glasses

Pupillary distance (PD) is another important measurement to take into consideration. Your sunglasses should not sit above your eyebrows and must be level with your eyes. Pupillary distance will identify the width between your pupils, measured in millimetres. A precise pupillary distance measurement will guarantee your lenses are correctly aligned, helping prevent peripheral distortion and visual discomfort. Sometimes your optician will include this information on your prescription. You can also discover how to measure your pupillary distance in our help section. The average pupillary distance will typically be between 54 and 74 mm.

If you already have a pair of sunglasses that fit really well, try our Best Fit Machine. All you have to do is apply your existing measurements to find new glasses that fit just like the old ones!

What shape sunglasses will suit smaller faces?

The perfect pair of sunglasses will flatter your features and sit comfortably on your face. We would recommend small or medium-sized sunglasses for people with smaller faces. When trying to choose the right sunglasses for your small face, you should consider a sunglasses style that complements your features. You’ll also want to think about the shape of your face and what styles suit it best.

Aviator sunglasses

The best aviator sunglasses for small faces are designed to be subtle and stylish. They will give you a very trendy look. Just be aware, if they are too big, they will crowd your small face, so try to go for smaller sizes and make sure they sit securely on your face. Aviator sunglasses tend to suit round, oblong, square and heart-shaped faces.

Clubmaster sunglasses

Clubmaster sunglasses are iconic and trendy. The thick browline will help soften sharper features. If you have a diamond, square or triangular face shape, these timeless sunglasses will really suit you.

Cat-eye sunglasses

Chic and not too overstated, the best cat-eye sunglasses for a small face will be elegant and classy. This sunglasses shape is famous for its classic winged corners which will draw attention to your eyes. They will give you a confident and stylish look. Cat-eye sunglasses are very versatile and suit all face shapes.

Oval sunglasses

Oval-shaped sunglasses will soften your features and make your face look very slender. This particular shape suits triangular, heart, diamond and square face shapes.

Rectangular sunglasses

Rectangular-shaped sunglasses have less height and tend to be very angular in design, therefore they will accentuate your cheekbones and make your small face appear longer. They suit oval, round and diamond-shaped faces.

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses will add a retro edge to your look and soften your features nicely. This particular style suits oval, heart and square face shapes.

Square sunglasses

Square sunglasses add definition to your face and give you a sophisticated, everyday look. Oval, oblong and round face shapes contrast perfectly with this style.

Wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are cool and classic. This simple design is recognised for its wide corners which will make a larger forehead look narrow. This sleek style of sunglasses suits heart, oblong and round face shapes..

Polarised sunglasses

The best sports sunglasses for small faces will fit securely and stay comfortably in place even during the most high-energy activities. Polarised sunglasses are especially ideal for outdoor sports like golf, running and cycling. They enable you to focus on your performance whilst avoiding distraction from reflected glare which can cause eye strain. We have a range of sunglasses designs from top brands like Oakley, Puma, New Balance and more.

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