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Blue light glasses

Protect your eyes from blue-violet light

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We are exposed to more High Energy Visible (HEV) blue-violet light than ever before because of our many modern electronic devices. Blue light lenses offer a protective shield against this type of light by reducing glare, bringing visual comfort to the wearer.

Add digital protection lenses to any of our styles, and make your frames screen savvy.


Benefits of blue-violet light glasses


Scratch-resistant properties protect the lenses against mild abrasions.


A multi-layer anti-reflection coating reduces troublesome reflections.


Increased contrast when looking at computer screens and mobile devices.


Digital eye strain, which is common with lengthy usage of computers and mobile devices, is reduced.

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Greater reading comfort

HEV light waves are one of the shortest, yet, highest energy wavelengths, and they tend to flicker a lot more than longer, weaker waves. This means that they create a glare that reduces visual contrast. Blue-violet light lenses filter out some of these waves, giving you better visual comfort and enhanced clarity.

Equipped with a special coating

Our blue light lenses come with a HMAR/UV coating, which is a hard multilayer coating with strong anti-reflection properties to reduce glare. It also offers UV protection and filters out blue-violet light, improving visual comfort for the wearer. Blue light lenses also have scratch-resistant properties.

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When to use blue-violet light glasses

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At work

For those who work mainly using computer screens, digital protection glasses are a must for maximum comfort. Keep a pair at your desk so those long hours don’t go unprotected.

At home

As you relax at home, your eyes are still working overtime. Protect them while browsing online or watching TV to benefit your optical health.

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On the go

Even when you are out and about, you will still need to use your phone at some point, whether it's for texting, social media or directions. Blue light lenses add extra comfort.

Choose from these options

BlueReflect™ lenses

Blue arrow illustrating light from a laptop bouncing off a lens

Our BlueReflect™ lenses filter out blue-violet light for improved visual comfort in front of digital screens. They have a durable scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating which reduces glare and unwanted reflections. This option is available for both single vision and multifocal lenses.

KODAK UVBlue lenses

View of a laptop and wooden speaker through a Kodak lens

The KODAK UVBlue Lens is our premium option for single vision lenses. It filters blue-violet light and minimises reflections. It also reduces irritating glare and blocks harmful UV rays. The lenses are easy to clean and highly durable with an anti-static, water-repellent and scratch-resistant coating. KODAK UVBlue lenses greatly increase visual comfort and provide greater contrast for improved colour recognition and depth perception.

Blue light explained

What is blue light?

Blue light has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy of all light in the visible spectrum - and the higher the energy of light, the more damaging it is. In the electromagnetic spectrum, it sits between harmful UV light and less harmful visible light. It’s what makes the sky appear blue as blue light rays scatter more than other visible light rays. Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018

Where does it come from?

Blue light is all around us. The sun exposes us to the majority of it but in recent times, we spend so much more of our indoor time being exposed to artificial sources of blue light, such as the screens of mobile devices and computer screens. Because of this, it has a higher impact on our eyes and health.

How can it affect people?

High energy blue light can be both good and bad for us. On the positive side, exposure to blue light makes the brain more alert, aids memory and improves mood. It regulates our circadian rhythm, which is responsible for the body knowing when to sleep and when to wake up.

However, if there is over-exposure to blue light later in the day, such as using a tablet to read before going to sleep, it can interrupt this natural rhythm, making us feel fatigued. High energy blue light also contributes to digital eye strain, which is the feeling you get when it’s harder to focus on the screen after a long period of use, and it can contribute to macular degeneration.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue-violet light glasses are ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time using mobile devices or computers. These devices all emit small amounts of high energy blue light, which scatters more than other colours. It’s this scattering that makes it harder to focus on the screen, causing digital eye strain.

How do they work?

Blue light glasses have a special anti-reflection filter. This is designed to filter out the blue-violet light emitted by mobile phone and tablet screens, computers, and some televisions. The lenses are almost completely clear but have a very faint residual tint. Our blue light glasses also have an anti-UV coating.

When should they be used?

Anyone who uses mobile devices or computers, or watches television, should consider them. Varifocal wearers can add a blue-violet filter coating to their lenses as they are suitable for general use, and are perfectly safe to use whilst driving.

Can you wear blue light glasses all day?

Even though blue-violet light glasses are optimised for indoor use they are safe to wear all day, even when driving.

What are the benefits?

By wearing blue light glasses, looking at a screen is much more restful, improves contrast, and text appears to ‘pop’ from the screen. Blue-violet light glasses can help alleviate digital eye strain and greatly reduce troublesome reflections.

Can I get blue light glasses without a prescription?

Yes, if you don’t need a prescription you can still have non-prescription blue-violet light glasses. Just follow these instructions on how to order without prescription lenses.

4 easy steps

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1. Choose your frames

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2. Select your lenses

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3. Your prescription

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4. Get excited

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