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We want you to find the best deals when it comes to eye tests, that's why we've filled this page with all the best eye test deals* out there, to make things easier for you when you'll next need to have your eyes checked. It is recommended to have an eye test every two years, although the frequency could increase depending on age and health.

Remember that if you work using display screen equipment (DSE), your employer may have to help towards the cost of your eye care. You can read more about this here. Also, you might be entitled to a free NHS eye test. To check if you qualify for a free NHS eye test, check out eye care entitlements.

Take a look below to find out where to get your eye test and save.

Eye Tests Deals

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*Eye test deals subject to individual terms and conditions stipulated by each provider, Glasses Direct are not responsible for or associated with the opticians or eye tests. Prices may vary. This page was last updated on 20/04/2022.

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