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Choosing your frames

How our frames are measured

A pair of glasses next to a ruler

At Glasses Direct we pride ourselves in offering a range of products to suit different budgets, lifestyles and needs. Our frames come in four sizes (based on internal frame width): small (less than 125mm), medium (126-130mm), large (131-135mm) and extra-large (more than 136mm).

Additional frame measurements can be found on the inside arms of every pair of glasses. The first number refers to the lens width, the second number refers to the bridge width and the third number refers to the side length. For an accurate fit, compare the numbers of a frame you own to the numbers on screen.


Measurements of a small glasses frame

Our small frames measure 125mm and below, and we recommend these for those with narrow and petite faces.


Measurements of a medium-sized glasses frame

Our medium size measure from 126mm to 130mm. These are best suited for those with oval faces.


Measurements of a large glasses frame

Our large frames measure between 131-135mm and are suitable for rounder faces.


Measurements of an extra large glasses frame

Our extra-large frames measure 136mm and above. We suggest those with larger faces try these first.

Our Best Fit Machine helps you find the perfect fitted frame every time. Input the relevant measurements and a list of frames in matching sizes will appear. So the next time you’re browsing for your latest pair of glasses, your current ones could help.

Best Fit Machine explained by Kate Winney

How does it work?

Blogger and loyal Glasses Direct customer Kate Winney demonstrates how the Best Fit Machine works and how you can use it.

With over 1000 styles to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to determine which style is best for you. But certain glasses are better suited to you depending on your face shape. This is where our helpful Face Shape Guide can help. Alternatively, you can discover your perfect style using our free Home Trial, which allows you to try on 4 pairs in the comfort of your home for 7 days.

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