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Frames in a Glasses Direct Home Trial box Frames in a Glasses Direct Home Trial box
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Buying eyewear online doesn’t mean you can’t physically try on the glasses first. Our free Home Trial allows you to get a proper look at our frames and get a real feel for them in terms of fit, weight and size. With next-day delivery and an unlimited number of Home Trials per customer, covering hundreds of unique styles, it’s an unbeatable experience in helping you find your perfect match. There’s no rush, so you can see how the frames you like look and feel without feeling pressured. You can also keep them with you at home for 7 days.

Can’t decide which frames you like the most? We understand that having so many choices can feel a little overwhelming, which is why we have created free Home Trial packs. Each one contains four pre-selected bestselling frames for different styles. You are also free to swap any of the frames for an alternative if there is another option that you’d prefer to try. Simply select one that suits you!

Returning the Home Trial box is easy and free, just place all the frames back into the original box, use our pre-paid postage label and put it in the post box when you’re done! If you want to try more frames, you can order another Home Trial for free, once we’ve received your previous one.

What’s more, if you change your mind after making a Home Trial purchase, you still have access to our completely free no-quibble returns, taking away the worry of online shopping.

Ordering a free Home Trial is quick and easy. Just follow these 4 simple steps below:

A woman browsing the Glasses Direct website on a laptop

Select up to four frames (subject to availability) for your free Home Trial. They’ll arrive the next day with free delivery!

Frames on a Glasses Direct home trial box

Wear them at your home (with that favourite shirt of yours) and show them off to family & friends. You have a full 7 days.

Someone viewing the Glasses Direct website on a mobile phone

Go back online and order your selected frames & any lens options. We'll have your new glasses sent to you in no time!

A Glasses Direct home trial box being put into a postbox

Return your home trial with the free postage provided – the box fits perfectly in a post box.

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Free Home Trial with Kate Winney

Blogger, Kate Winney explains why you should be using the Glasses Direct free Home Trial service. Start your home trial experience today!

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How does it work?

The Glasses Direct Home Trial service is easy to use. Follow the steps above for how to order.

  • Our Home Trial makes buying glasses easier, by allowing you to try up to four pairs and keep them at home for 7 days, for FREE. In this time you’re able to wear them out and about, show them to family and friends, and just get to experience what your potential new frames feel like. This reduces the chances of you having to return or exchange your glasses. Once you’ve decided on the perfect frames, order them on the website. If you don't have your prescription to hand don't worry, you can send it to us later.
  • You will be asked to provide your card details, but this is purely for validation purposes. We do a temporary 'active card check' to verify that your account is valid. There needs to be at least £1 in the account for the check to be completed. You will not be charged, however, your bank may show £1 as reserved for up to 30 days.
  • If you have not found the perfect frames, don’t worry. Simply return your current Home Trial and order another.
  • Our Home Trial is currently only available to UK residents.
  • You might have noticed when you order a free Home Trial that the frames arrive in a plastic sleeve. Although we’re aware of the impact, this packaging means that your glasses are protected from dirt and dust and other kinds of damage. We also want to make sure we follow a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness to give our customers the best possible experience.
  • Can I try all frames using your Home Trial?

    Our free Home Trial is currently available for over 300 frames, but we are always trying to add more to the selection. You can easily filter out frames on our website to include only the ones you can try at home for free. Click here to discover applicable frames.

    How do I make sure I find the right frames?

    We have a few tips to help you be sure you’ve found the right frames:

  • Check that the sides are the right length for you.
  • Check that they feel comfortable on your nose.
  • Get opinions from your friends, family and even colleagues.
  • Try on your frames with different outfits.
  • How do I return my Home Trial?

    Returning your free Home Trial is simple. Follow the attached instructions and pop in the post box. When applying the free return label to the box, make sure to fully cover the original address label on the front, without covering the barcode on the side that starts with 'SR'. Once you receive your home trial, you have 7 days until you need to post it back to us. If you’re unable to return your Home Trial, please contact our customer service team who will do their best to help you.

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