How to get your free second pair

STEP 1: Pick your first frame
Choose any frame from our 2 for 1 range (priced £49 and above, excl. Premium Designers) and add it to your basket.
Follow the steps on screen to pick your vision type, lens category and most suitable lens options.

STEP 2: Add your second pair
Select your second frame for free, up to the same value of the first (excl. Premium), and add it to your basket.
Then repeat steps to pick the most suitable lens options.

To get this second frame free, you must purchase both pairs at the same time.
Both pairs will come with free basic lenses when you select ‘continue with basic lenses’.
Alternatively, you can upgrade with one of our lens packages that offer great value for money.


Two pairs, many possibilities…

Day & Night

Separate day and night with two different pairs of glasses. While a practical black frame or a sleek rimless style may work for the boardroom, when happy hour comes, mix up your look with something more lively. Go for a fun bold frame as your free second pair that will come in handy if you don’t want to sacrifice form or fashion.

Day and Night

Keep one in your car

Leave a pair in the car and never forget to bring your glasses with you again! We all have those moments when we’re sure we’ve brought our glasses, only to find that we’ve left them on the kitchen table. Whether it’s your car, your bag or even your office, ease your mind and find comfort in knowing you’ll always have a pair to hand.

Keep one in your car

Try something new

If you’ve wanted to experiment with your look, or had your eye on another style, your free second pair offers the perfect opportunity to do so. To make sure they’ll suit you, use our free Home Trial that lets you try up to 4 frames for 7 days in the comfort of your home. Alternately try our Best Fit Machine that uses measurements from your current glasses to find you the best fitted frames.

Try something new

Turn one into sunglasses

Add tints and turn your second pair into prescription sunglasses. With a UV400 coating that protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays, choose from grey, brown and green tints. Or for reduced eyestrain and improved contrast, opt for polarised tints that come in grey and brown and block 99.7% of reflected glare. Upgrade your lenses and protect against scratches too. Learn more about fixed tints here or about light adaptive lenses here.

Prescription sunglassess

Pick one for someone else

Someone you know in need of a new pair? As your second pair can have a totally different prescription, be a different style or colour to your first frame (so long as it’s up to the same value and excluding Premium Designers), gifting a pair to a friend or loved one is a perfect idea. But remember, both pairs must be bought at the same time.

Pick one for someone else

To match your outfit

They say that accessories make the outfit, and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to eyewear. Take advantage of your second pair and match your favourite sweater, dress or shirt to trendy frames. Our range of colours and styles means it’s never been easier to coordinate your full look – that favourite red sweater will thank you later!

To match your outfit