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Eyewear looks to watch out for

A pair of glasses lying next to a camera

At Glasses Direct, we understand that glasses are more than a way of improving sight - they can be a fashion statement too. Flaunt these eyewear styles and feel truly chic.

Half a pair of round glasses
The Round Edit

They say fashion moves in circles, so why not follow suit with a stylish round frame? Far too hip to be square, they are always popular and add a retro-inspired edge to your look.

This type of frame is relaxed yet intellectual, with many iconic figures making it central to their overall look.

Our selection of attention-grabbing circular frames makes a bold statement, whether it’s something from our rimless range for a more subtle and lightweight feel, or a thicker oversized style with a keyhole bridge. Whatever your style, we have a round frame for you. Discover our full collection.

Half a pair of transparent glasses
Clear Frames

Transparent acetate frames are the perfect accessory because not only do they match any skin tone, complexion, hair colour or eye colour but they are also subtle and ultra-modern.

All it takes is a quick look around any busy high street for you to see how popular this style is, and it’s clear to see why so many people go for it.

Our versatile range allows you to show your individuality with a choice of coloured crystal finishes. No matter your unique style, we’ve got you covered with our choice of chic oval, round or square frames. Take a look at our clear frames.

Half a pair of red glasses
Red Glasses

They said red is the colour of power and passion, so why not assert yourself with this daring eyewear choice?

Vibrant and venturesome, a red frame is perfect for any fashionista; they turn eyewear on its head (so to speak) by becoming the focal point to any outfit. Despite being such a bright colour, red frames can still complement many styles. Match yours up with neutral black and white tones or add a touch of chic to your look by wearing a red frame with navy blue or bottle green.

Whether you prefer a thick frame with a solid attention-grabbing red or you want something semi-rimless and more subtle, we have a red frame to suit you.

Half a pair of large square glasses

A truly timeless appearance that can adapt to anybody’s unique style, oversized frames have the ability to be fun as well as fashionable.

With the power to alter any look, they are one of the most versatile frame types, whether you’re going for geek chic or looking to rock a retro vibe. Choosing oversized, however, doesn’t necessarily mean channelling your inner Buddy Holly. Sure, thick-rimmed glasses with a well-pronounced frame are a winner, but you can still rave on in a slimmer but sophisticated metal frame.

Whatever your choice – be it round or square, thick or thin, acetate or metal – you can guarantee to turn heads in one of our oversized frames.

Half a pair of orange glasses

We all need a bit of colour in our lives, so why should the specs we wear be an exception? Shine on with an exciting pair of technicolour glasses.

Everybody has their own favourite colour, which is why we have more colours than Joseph’s fabled coat, so there’s sure to be one that fits in with your unique style. Moving beyond the classic black and tortoiseshell frames, we have a technicolour rainbow spanning across our collections.

From solid blue and red to cosmic combinations, there will be something that matches each complexion, skin tone and eye colour. Shop our technicolour range.

Half a pair of tortoiseshell glasses
Safari Style

Make your eyewear central to your outfit with a pair of untamed safari glasses.

Abstract patterns and mixed prints may sound loud and imposing but they can be subtle enough to go with just about anything whilst still managing to inject a bit of personality to your look. Take a walk on the wild side in tortoiseshell or two-tone printed styles, whilst complementing your unique face shape and personal style in a variety of frame shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s a subtle hint or an all-over leopard print, you can guarantee to look fierce with our Safari range. Unleash your inner tiger!

Half a pair of pastel pink glasses
Pastel Shades

Adopt softer hues and effortless style to add an edge of sheer coolness to your look with a super-chic pastel frame that highlights your skin tone.

Our pastel spectrum contains a variety of tones to help bring any outfit together. Display elegance and a refreshingly modern vibe in a wide range of different frame shapes and sizes, and introduce these subtle shades to your repertoire in a style that works for you.

Bringing a modern twist to a retro style, our larger pastel frames echo the 70s and 80s but still have a distinctly contemporary feel to them. See life through a pastel haze.

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