How to buy prescription sunglasses

Our sunglasses tint options offer all-important UV protection. You can add them to any frame on Glasses Direct to create a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Getting started

To get a better idea of how our glasses will look like as sunglasses, you can preview any frame with tinted lenses. To do this, simply choose "Sunglasses" in the top navigation, or “View by SUN” in the top-right corner of the page while looking at any product category page.

Alternatively, click on any pair of glasses and one of the image options will show you what they would look like with tinted lenses.

Adding sunglasses tints to any frame

Once you have chosen your frame, follow these steps to create your own pair of prescription sunglasses:

  • Click "SELECT LENSES" then choose your vision type.

  • Next will be the lens category page. Select "Sunglasses".

  • Choose the type that you require - this can be either dark tints, gradient tints or polarised.

  • Depending on what you choose, you can then select your desired tint colour. Dark tints can be brown, green or grey. Gradient tints and polarised are available in brown or grey.

  • From here, you can either select a lens package or continue with basic lenses.

  • Finally, enter your prescription or send it to us later.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your sunglasses, we offer free 120-day returns.