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How your glasses are made at Glasses Direct

A pair of glasses being held up for inspection

In this post, come with us as we take you behind the scenes of Glasses Direct, to where your glasses are made. If you’ve ever been curious about what happens after you place an order, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Where are your glasses made?

Swindon is home to our warehouse and lab where your glasses are assembled and shipped out to you.

Your glasses are made up of two main components: frames and lenses, but we mostly deal with your lenses in our lab. To cut and fit lenses to size with your unique prescription, we use state of the art MEI machines. These miracle machines let us cut more lenses, more accurately, in less time. This means we’re able to fulfil more orders than ever before. These machines are incredibly cost-effective, meaning we’re able to keep our prices low.

What else will you find in Swindon? If you’ve ever ordered a free Home Trial, then it’ll be assembled, packaged and sent off from our warehouse here as well – in the same way as all our glasses. Want to find out more about our free Home Trial service? You can read about it here.

Glasses Direct opticians using an MEI machine

Glasses Direct opticians using MEI machines

A warehouse worker scanning an item in the Glasses Direct warehouse

Glasses Direct Warehouse

Who works on your order?

Glasses Direct is made up of a number of different departments that also work on your order in Swindon. You’ll find our friendly customer service team, qualified opticians and lab technicians in here as well. They work hard around the clock to make sure you get your glasses as quickly as possible. What does each team do? Read below:

Customer service

Our friendly customer service team answer all your calls and emails regarding your order, and also help with any queries you may have – including offering style advice.


Our team of nine qualified opticians check through your order and prescription to make sure everything is in order. Complex orders like those involving bifocal and varifocal lenses will involve a phone call from them so that they can confirm details. Alternatively, they’ll also give you a ring if anything is missing.

Lab technicians

Our highly skilled lab technicians cut and shape your lenses, then assemble your glasses. They use the MEI machines mentioned earlier to cut the lenses down to size. Our technicians also inspect glasses for imperfections before they move on to be quality-tested by our expert quality control team.

Production is based in Swindon, but our finance, marketing, technology and management teams are based in London.

A customer service agent with a headset looking at a computer screen

Our customer service team is available to help

A lab technician inspects a pair of sunglasses

Glasses quality check

Ask an optician

While we’re in Swindon we wanted to ask our opticians what some of the most commonly asked customer questions were for Glasses Direct.

Most glasses will be made within 7 days. However, for orders that include thinner lenses, varifocals and tinted lenses, this time could be longer.

Most glasses are delivered within 48 hours of being dispatched. Before we can make a ‘Lost in Post’ claim, it’s best to wait for 7 days to allow for any internal delays with our delivery partner. If you have still not received your glasses after this period then please contact us so that we can replace your order.

PD is the distance between your two pupils and stands for pupillary distance. Our opticians will ask you for an accurate PD if you have a stronger prescription or are ordering varifocals.

The easiest way to measure your PD is to take a picture of yourself with a credit card-sized card on your forehead, with your eyes looking directly into the camera. Send this picture to our opticians and don’t forget to provide a contact number, as they may need to speak to you. You can also request your PD from your optician at your next eye test.

Did you know that you can adjust your glasses yourself! Click here for instructions.

If you’re unsure, you can send your glasses back to us and we’ll adjust them for you. This usually takes between 1 to 2 days and it’s totally free!

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