How to Buy Prescription Sunglasses

Did you know that ALL our frames are available as prescription sunglasses?

A man looking at a pair of prescription sunglasses on Glasses Direct on his laptop

Every year the arrival of sun comes the arrival of a concern for many: how to wear sunglasses with a prescription. This concern often sees countless people going without sunglasses – after all, being able to see clearly is more important than shielding your eyes from the sun, right? We disagree.

At Glasses Direct we’ve made protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays whilst seeing clearly so much easier (and affordable!). Our sunglasses tint options and light adaptive lenses mean you no longer need to sacrifice vision for sun protection when the sun comes out. Read on to discover how to buy prescription sunglasses at Glasses Direct.

Buying prescription sunglasses has never been easier!

Glasses Direct product listing page with the 'View by: SUN' option highlighted to see prescription sunglasses

As we mentioned above, all our frames – including those from the Boutique range – are available as prescription sunglasses. You can also add all the same extras from our lens packages to suit your needs. You can see what all our frames would look like as prescription sunglasses by choosing "View by: SUN" in the top right corner of the page.

You can preview any frame with tinted lenses

Glasses Direct product page with the preview image for tinted lenses highlighted

Alternately, just click on any pair of glasses and one of the image options will show you what they would look like with tinted lenses. Then all you have to do is click on ‘SELECT LENSES’ and follow the steps to create your own pair of prescription sunglasses.

Step 1: Choose your frames! Use our free Home Trial to help you decide
Step 2: Select your tints when you personalise your glasses

Step 3: Enter your prescription and complete the order (or call us for help)
Step 4: Receive your prescription sunglasses in days (with free returns)

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