Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light situations. Responding to the light around you, the lenses intelligently change from clear to dark when you go outdoors and back to clear when you return inside.

All Transitions® lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays and help protect against sources of harmful blue light* including digital devices, screens and especially bright sun. By optimising the amount of light your eyes receive, Transitions lenses also help reduce glare for more effortless sight.

Empower yourself to take control of your light and enjoy always-on protection anytime, anywhere – indoors and out!


Transitions<sup>®</sup>Signature<sup>®</sup>GEN8<sup>™</sup> Transitions<sup>®</sup>Signature<sup>®</sup>GEN8<sup>™</sup>

New technology, new frontier of performance. Transitions Signature GEN8 are the best overall photochromic lenses1, great for everyday life. Darkening outdoors in seconds and returning to clear indoors faster than ever2, they’re the most responsive Transitions lenses.

These advanced lenses are available in seven different colours, including amber, amethyst, brown, emerald, green, grey and sapphire. Simply choose Transitions® Signature® GEN8 as your lens type and the new colours will appear, ready for you to choose which option you prefer.


Transitions<sup>®</sup>XTRActive<sup>®</sup> ransitions<sup>®</sup>XTRActive<sup>®</sup>

The best for wearers who are very light sensitive or frequently exposed to bright light.

The new generation of Transitions XTRActive lenses deliver the best extra darkness and the best extra light protection4 from intense light indoors and outdoors, even in the car.


Transitions<sup>®</sup>Drivewear<sup>®</sup> ransitions<sup>®</sup>Drivewear<sup>®</sup>

The only polarized sun lens for driving with colour and light adaptation, thanks to our advanced photochromic technology

Combining the benefits of photochromics and fixed polarisation, Transitions Drivewear provide optimal vision experience and colour contrast while you are driving, reacting to both UV and visible light.

It quickly adapts to changing light conditions from low lighting overcast weather, to the brightest sunlight for an optimal driving experience.

*Transitions® lenses block at least 20% of harmful blue light indoors & over 87% of harmful blue light outdoors except Transitions® Signature® lenses style colours which block over 75% outdoors. “Harmful blue light” is calculated between 380nm and 460nm.

1 Based on achieving the highest weighted composite score among main everyday photochromic lenses across measurements of key photochromic performance attributes weighted by their relative importance to consumers. The survey and analysis used to measure attribute relative importance was conducted by an external research agency in France, Italy, UK & US in 2019.

2 Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses fade back to clear up to 3 minutes faster than Transitions Signature lenses. CR607 products fade back to clear 2 minutes faster. Claim is based on tests across materials on grey lenses, being the most popular colour, fading back to 70% transmission @ 23°C.

3 Transitions Signature GEN 8 block at least 20% of harmful blue light indoors and over 87% of harmful blue light outdoors except Transitions Signature lenses style colors which block over 75% outdoors. “Harmful blue light” is calculated between 380nm and 460nm.

4 The darkest in hot temperatures, in the car and offering the best overall blue light protection across light situations* among clear to extra dark photochromic lenses.*Protection from harmful blue light (380nm-460nm) among polycarbonate and 1.5 gray lenses: blocking (i) up to 34% indoors at 23°C, (ii) up to 64% behind the windshield (iii) up to 90% outdoors at 23°C and (iv) up to 83% outdoors at 35°C.

Drivewear is a registered trademark of Younger Mfg. Co. Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. used under license by Transitions Optical Limited. ©2022 Transitions Optical Limited.

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