Light Adaptive Lenses

A split image showing an adaptive lens go dark outdoors and clear indoors

Transitions® are the leading brand of light adaptive lenses available. We offer all 3 types of Transitions® lenses: Signature, Drivewear, and XTRActive.

Transitions® Signature

Transitions Signature

Transitions® Signature is a great option for general use, especially for those spending a lot of time outside. They are almost completely clear when indoors or in very low sunlight. Their special photo-reactive molecules are embedded into the lens and continuously adjust depending on the brightness. This makes the lenses go darker when the sun gets brighter and clearer when the sun is less strong or the wearer is indoors.

Transitions® lenses, and all light adaptive lenses, are quicker to darken than they are to fade. Therefore, suddenly going from bright sunlight to indoors will take a minute for the lenses to fade to clear. They need UV energy to react so they don’t work very well in the car, unless you’re lucky enough to have a roadster.

Transitions® lenses are 100% UVA/B blocking and also block some high energy visible blue light. They're also perfectly safe to use to drive at night. Choose from brown, green, or grey lenses.

Transitions® Drivewear

Transitions Drivewear

Transitions® Drivewear address one of the disadvantages of Transitions® Signature: not working well in cars.

In addition to reacting to varying UV and visible light conditions, these lenses have a polarising filter to eliminate reflected glare from wet roads. In low-level light they are a greenish yellow colour which changes to copper, but in strong light, they are dark brown. They are 100% UVA/B blocking and provide excellent colour recognition and enhance depth perception.

Drivewear lenses are classed as sunglasses and are designed for daylight conditions so should not be worn to drive at night.


Transitions XTRActive

XTRActive lenses go extra dark and are the best option for very light-sensitive people because they protect against the brightest sun and troubling artificial light. 100% UVA/B blocking, they work behind a car windscreen and are available in brown, green, or grey colours. They are perfectly safe to use to drive at night.

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