Our Lens Packages Explained

All you need to know to find the perfect lenses

Prescription lenses

To ensure you get the most out of your new glasses, this section will focus on our different lens packages, explain the benefit of each lens type and offer suggestions based on prescription strength. With a selection of options to suit your budget and needs, we hope you’ll find the best option for you.

At Glasses Direct, all glasses come with free basic single vision lenses as standard. These have no protective coatings or thin lens options. For this option, simply click on ‘continue with basic lenses’ when choosing your lens package. However, we recommend upgrading to one of the great value lens packages below:

Bronze - refractive index 1.5

Bronze Package features: standard lenses, scratch resistant

Our Bronze Package offers a hard-wearing scratch-resistant coating. It will protect your lenses from minor abrasions such as those caused by using your shirt or tissue instead of the cleaning cloth provided to clean. No lens coating is scratch-proof, but the Bronze coating will go a long way to protect your lenses.

Silver - refractive index 1.5

Silver Package features: standard lenses, scratch resistant, anti-reflection coating

The Silver Package adds a broad-spectrum, anti-reflection coating to the scratch-resistant properties of the Bronze Package. Spectacle lenses reflect approximately 10% of the light that reaches the lens.

The anti-reflection coating reduces these unwanted reflections to less than 1%. This, in turn, makes the lens more efficient and virtually eliminating unwanted and troublesome reflections and glare. They are especially useful for night-time driving to reduce the dazzling reflected glare from car headlights.

Gold - refractive index 1.6

Gold Package features: thin lenses, scratch resistant, anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings

The Gold Package is around 20% thinner than the Silver but has the same scratch-resistant and anti-reflective properties. If your prescription is over +/- 2.75 then you’ll notice the benefits of the Gold Package, which comes with a built-in UV400 coating to protect against harmful UVA/B radiation from the sun.

All our rimless frames have these lenses as standard due to their high resistance to breaking under tension. The Gold package is available to be ordered with any of our sunglasses tint options (except Graduated tints), Transitions® or BlueReflect™ coatings, as well as bifocal and varifocal lenses.

Platinum - refractive index 1.67

Platinum Package features: extra thin lenses, scratch resistant, anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings

Our Platinum lens package is around 33% thinner than a standard lens and is recommended for prescriptions stronger than +/- 4.50. These lenses come with a scratch-resistant anti-reflection coating and a UV-blocking coating as standard; and are available to be ordered with all our dark tints (except Graduated) Transitions® Signature and XTRActive options, as well as varifocal lenses.

Diamond - refractive index 1.74

Diamond Package features: ultra thin lenses, scratch resistant, anti-reflection and anti-UV coatings

We also offer a Diamond package for the very strongest prescriptions to reduce thickness by around 42%. As with our other thin lens packages, it comes complete with a high-quality scratch resistant anti-reflection coating.

The Diamond package is only possible to order with fully-rimmed frames and no tinted options are available. Regrettably these lenses aren't available to order online, but can be ordered over the phone from our team of opticians.

A graphic giving an overview of the benefits of each of our lens packages

KODAK Clean&CleAR Lenses – Refractive index 1.5 to 1.67

Our KODAK Clean&CleAR Lens packages offer crisp and clear vision. They eliminate nearly all glare, which improves visibility while night time driving and while using electronic devices such as mobiles and tablets. This can also reduce fatigue and eye strain, leading to superior performance and comfort.

They also feature a super-slick hydrophobic top coating that makes cleaning easy by repelling water and smudges. Their anti-static properties repel dust and dirt, while an anti-scratch layer adds further durability.

KODAK Clean&CleAR Lenses are available in a range of lens thicknesses ranging from Silver through to Platinum, with the thinnest Platinum option better suited to those with stronger prescriptions. KODAK Clean&CleAR Lenses are only available with the varifocal Kodak Easy2 Max Lenses.

A graphic giving an overview of the benefits of each of Kodak's lens packages

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