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2 prescription sunglasses
for just £39
Make sure you’re getting the right UV protection this summer by adding dark sunglasses tints to both pairs when you shop our 2-4-1 range and applying our code to get £40 off!
How does it work?
2 Choose your free seconde pair
Choose your free second frame

Select another frame up to the same value as the first (Premium Designers excluded).

3 Choose your lenses
Choose your lens package

Select your vision type, then choose sunglasses as your lens category. Pick dark tints to get the most from your discount.

4 Enter code to get discount
Enter your code

The code 2SUN gets £33 off 2-4-1 frames priced £49 and up (excluding Premium), plus £3.50 off dark tints for each pair (usually worth £15). Coming to as low as just £39!

Share your Spare

Looking for a way to save money? Unlike opticians on the high street, we let you split the cost with a friend or loved one when you purchase from our 2-for-1 range. Choose your favourite frame and then let them pick a FREE second pair! As long as it's up to the same value as the first, it can have a totally different prescription and be another style or brand! Stick to your budget and safeguard your vision.

Choose your frame, plus get a second one FREE!

Glasses Direct has several different ranges of frames. This offer works on any frame priced at £49 or above. If you choose a frame from the 2 for 1 range, you also get a second frame, up to the value of the first, for free! To get the second frame free, you must purchase both pairs at the same time, but they don't need to have the same prescription. So you can use your second pair to treat yourself or a loved one!

Selecting your lens options

Once you’ve picked the frames you like the best, select the most suitable lens options & coatings. You can pick one of our great value lens packages that come with a variety of coatings such as scratch-resistant, anti-reflection, and thin lens options. If you want discounted dark UV tints for one or both pairs, select sunglasses, dark tints, and then choose either brown, grey or green. The code gets you £3.50 off dark tints added to any pair.

Alternatively, you can opt for free single vision basic standard lenses that have no protective coatings. We also offer a selection of bifocal and varifocal lens options, the latter of which is created from the latest Freeform technology. Our bifocals are an extra £39, and our varifocals are available from £49.

This deal won’t work on very strong prescriptions

Orders for very strong prescriptions are excluded, such as when the combined SPH and CYL is greater than +/-8.00, when the CYL is over +/-4.00, if there is more than a 5.00D difference between each eye or if the prism correction is over 4.00 in any direction.

Returns are free

If you’re unhappy with your glasses for any reason, you can send them back with our 120-day free return guarantee.

Send your prescription later

You can choose to send your prescription when you place your order. If you don’t have your prescription to hand or still need to get one, you can opt to send it later via phone, email or photo.

Save on your next eye test

If your prescription is out of date, check out our Eye Tests page for the latest deals.

How to order, direct

Take a look behind the scenes at Glasses Direct to see how your glasses are made. Ordering glasses online is easy.

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