Our Sunglasses Tints Options

A pair of sunglasses by the side of a swimming pool

At Glasses Direct we supply a wide range of fixed suglasses tints for a variety of uses. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a prescription – all our tinted lenses are available without prescription too.

Dark Tints

View of colourful buildings through a lens with and without a tint

Dark tinted lenses are great for protecting your eyes from strong sunlight. Classed as a category 3 tint, our dark tints filter out 75% of the light and boast 100% UVA/B blocking properties. Our dark tinted lenses are available in brown, grey, and green. These hues give the greatest colour definition so objects should look natural when looking through them.

Brown tinted lenses are especially good for heightening contrast between blues and greens, like grass and sky. Grey tints reduce brightness while still preserving 100% of colour recognition, and green tinted lenses simultaneously improve contrast and preserve colour balance.

Gradient Tints

View of a sunny beach through a lens with and without a gradient tint

Gradient tints are dark at the top, and the level of tint fades gradually towards the bottom of the lens. They’re especially useful for driving because the dark top protects the wearer against the bright sunlight.

The clear bottom means that car instruments can be read easily in the darker conditions below the window-line. Our graduated tinted lenses are available in brown or grey.


View of a country road through a lens with and without a polarised tint

Polarised lenses have a laminated filter that blocks out horizontal glare. They’re especially effective in eliminating reflected glare from water, such as the sea or wet roads.

Wearing polarised lenses will increase contrast and reduce eye strain, aiding visual comfort. However, polarised lenses can make LCD screens difficult to read, and they aren’t available with semi-rimless or rimless frames due to the risk of de-lamination. Our polarised lenses filter out 85% of the light and are 100% UVA/B blocking.

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