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Get our Varifocal Advanced lenses for free or get any of our other varifocal options with a £49 discount when you use the code GDVF49 at checkout.
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Select varifocal as your vision type and for free varifocal lenses select Varifocal Advanced. You can choose any of our other varifocal options for a £49 discount

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Free varifocals

When buying a frame £49+ with Varifocal Advanced lenses and code GDVF49 applied

Our varifocals
Varifocal Advanced icon

Advanced lenses harness modern Freeform technology to offer an enhanced field of vision at all distances, less distortion at the lens edge and easier adaption when compared to standard lenses.

Our price £49 FREE with code

Varifocal Advanced score
Varifocal Advanced icon
Elite HD

Elite HD lenses feature advanced Freeform lens technology that greatly reduces distortion while offering a super smooth power transition. The lenses are easy to adapt to and perfect for readers, offering a 30% improvement in field of vision when compared to a conventional lens.

Our price £79 £30 with code

Varifocal Elite HD score
Varifocal Supreme HD icon
Supreme HD

Supreme lenses use cutting-edge high-definition Digital Ray-Path technology that reduces unwanted aberration while improving field of vision. Excellent for all distances, Supreme HD offers a 20% wider field of view than Elite HD. Our recommended option for all varifocal wearers.

Our price £109 £70 with code

Varifocal Supreme HD score
Varifocal Advanced icon
Max Lens

Our KODAK Easy2 Max Lens is our premium varifocal option. Vision First Design Technology prioritises wearer clarity at all distances, while I-Sync technology uses ray tracing techniques to reduce peripheral distortion, resulting in an easy adaptable lens with superior performance when compared to our other varifocal options.

Our price £149 £100 with code

KODAK Easy2 Max Lens score
Choose your frame, plus get a second one FREE!

Glasses Direct has several different ranges of frames. This offer works on any frame priced at £49 or above. If you choose a frame from the 2 for 1 range, you also get a second frame, up to the value of the first, for free! To get the second frame free, you must purchase both pairs at the same time. Please note that if you also want varifocal lenses in your free second frame, these will cost extra.

Code gets £49 off

Once you’ve picked your £49+ frame, you’ll be asked to choose your vision type. To make use of this special offer, choose “VARIFOCAL”, then select “VARIFOCAL ADVANCED”, "VARIFOCAL ELITE HD". "VARIFOCAL SUPREME HD" or “KODAK EASY2MAX PROGRESSIVE LENS”. The normal price will still show in your basket at this stage. If you’d prefer not to add any protective coatings or thin lens options, simply click on ‘continue with basic lenses’ when you're being asked to choose your lens package. Use code GDVF49 at the checkout (if it hasn't already been automatically applied) for £49 off your order. This makes our Varifocal Advanced lenses completely free, Varifocal Elite HD lenses cost only £30 and reduces the price of Varifocal Supreme HD lenses to £70. Our KODAK Easy2 Max Lens will be reduced to £100.

This deal won’t work on very strong prescriptions

Orders for very strong prescriptions are excluded, such as when the combined SPH and CYL is greater than +/-8.00, when the CYL is over +/-4.00, if there is more than a 5.00D difference between each eye or if the prism correction is over 4.00 in any direction.

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If you’re unhappy with your glasses for any reason, you can send them back with our 120-day free return guarantee.

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You can choose to send your prescription when you place your order. If you don’t have your prescription to hand or still need to get one, you can opt to send it later via phone, email or photo.

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If your prescription is out of date, check out our Eye Tests page for the latest deals.

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I have found Glasses Direct give me excellent quality varifocals at reasonable prices. I won't go anywhere else!
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Trust Pilot 5 stars

I was worried that being varifocals, it would be hard to get right over the internet. I was kept up to date throughout the process and when they arrived they were spot on.
Deb P

Trust Pilot 5 stars

I have used Glasses Direct for over 5 years, with multiple glasses and prescriptions including varifocals. All have worked well and saved me £100's each time.
Paul HG

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