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Someone adjusting a screw on a glasses frame


Adjusting your glasses

Sometimes, your eyewear may need a little bit of adjustment. Getting this fixed isn’t as complicated as it sounds! It can either be done by a professional or by yourself at home.

A woman holding up a pair of glasses


Taking care of your glasses

Despite being made from sturdy and high-quality materials, our frames still need to be handled with care. Here are just a few ways in which you can keep your eyewear pristine and in full working order.

Close-up of a woman's hands holding up a pair of glasses and cleaning it with a lens cloth


How to clean your glasses

Cleaning your glasses will help to extend their lifespan, protect your vision and avoid any germs being transferred to your face.

Man with face mask wearing fogged up glasses


5 ways to avoid foggy glasses

Your glasses lenses fog up "when warm breath escapes and lands on the cooler surface of the lens". There are a number of ways to prevent this.