What colour glasses suit my hair colour?

A woman with long brown hair outdoors, smiling and looking over the rims of her large angular metal frames A woman with long brown hair outdoors, smiling and looking over the rims of her large angular metal frames

Do you find when shopping for new glasses, you face the usual dilemma of trying to find a style that really suits you? You’ll go through the routine of putting on different frames and testing to see how they look in the mirror in an attempt to discover which colours really bring out your best features. We understand that it can be a real challenge trying to decide what the best colour glasses are for your hair colour and which will also suit your complexion, especially because there are so many choices to pick from. You’ll also want to consider what styles will complement your face shape. If you can, it's best to try and narrow down your search as much as possible with some idea in mind of what colours and styles work best for you.

So, if you find yourself asking; 'What colour glasses suit me?', we have plenty of great tips to inspire you and help you find the most flattering and eye-catching pair of glasses.

Woman with strawberry blonde hair wearing a pair of tortoiseshell wayfarer frames

Best colour glasses for blonde hair

Blondes with strawberry, golden, honey or bronze-coloured hair suit light tortoiseshell, bright orange, nude, coral, red, pink, khaki green and gold metal frames. All of these tones will complement your natural colouring.

If your blonde locks are a light ashy, sandy or platinum colour, try dark tortoiseshell, grey and crystal glasses. Pastel colours will also really suit you, especially blue, lilac and light pink.

For blondes with a cool complexion, it’s best to avoid yellow and gold tones which will contrast with your skin tone and make you look too pale. Meanwhile, if you have a very warm complexion, try to stay away from cooler tones, including pale blue and light pink.

Best glasses for brown hair

All brunettes naturally suit tortoiseshell glasses, especially if your hair is a mix of different shades because it will highlight the various rich tones. Red, purple, green and brown are the best colour glasses for light brown hair and will complement a warm complexion very well. If your complexion is cool, try pink, purple, black and blue tones. Keep away from pale grey, cream and pastel shades as they will make you look washed out.

Meanwhile, the best colour glasses for dark brown hair are tortoiseshell, forest green and red. Metal glasses are also a very stylish option. If you have a cool complexion, go for silver and if your skin tone is warm, choose gold. Keep clear of pastel colours and chunky, dark frames which will not flatter your features.

Man with brown hair and a beard wearing red plastic aviator frames

Young-looking man with grey hair and a beard wearing dark angular glasses frames

Best colour glasses for grey hair

Grey is a neutral colour so you can be fairly experimental with your choices. The most ideal colour glasses for light grey hair are bright red, navy blue, khaki green and deep purple.

For people with dark grey hair, feel free to be as adventurous with your choices as you wish to be. Bluey-green and orange are both great options and will add an uplifting and fashionable edge to your look. Darker tones like black and tortoiseshell glasses are also a very versatile option for people with silver locks. They will look refined and distinguished whatever the occasion.

When looking for glasses for grey hair, there are a few points to keep in mind. People with grey hair should avoid yellow, grey, gold and beige colours which will clash and dull your facial features. Rimless glasses are also very unflattering and at risk of making you look older.

Best glasses colour for black hair

Black hair coordinates very well with metallic glasses and darker tones, especially black, gunmetal, tortoiseshell, blue and dark green. A hot pink, vibrant red, yellow or green is perfect for those with a warm complexion and black hair, helping you to make a real fashion statement.

Dark green and purple glasses with delicate silver accents suit those with a cool skin tone and black hair. People with black hair should try to steer clear of pale and ashy colours which will not stand out very well against very dark hair.

Woman with curly black hair in a messy updo wearing black cat eye frames

Woman with wavy red hair wearing red rectangular glasses frames

Best colour glasses for red hair

Red hair is normally very fiery and vibrant and therefore naturally suits warm colours like gold, yellow, copper, reddish brown, dark tortoiseshell, bright blue and rich red.

For redheads with fairer hair, we suggest a dark blue, green or black. You should keep away from beige, cream and yellow glasses which will create too much of a contrast to your hair colour.

How do you find glasses to suit your hairstyle?

Our hairstyle is part of our identity and reveals a lot about our personality. There are so many hairdos out there from stylish quiffs and fashionable pixie cuts to long locks and classic curtain bangs. Once you have an idea of what suits you and your face shape, you can then decide which glasses complement your haircut.

Woman with full head of curly black hair wearing tortoiseshell wayfarer frames

What glasses suit short hair?

  • If you have short to medium-length hair, try to go for similar-sized glasses. Just make sure that they fit your face and are neither too big nor too small. Ideally, they should be no wider than your face and sit comfortably on your nose.
  • Short hairstyles naturally suit retro styles, especially cat-eye glasses and round metal frames.
  • Stay away from oversized frames as they will overcrowd your face, instead go for thicker, statement-making designs to create the illusion of extra size.
  • If you have a low-hanging fridge, go for simple glasses with a flat top, especially understated rectangular frames which will sit neatly under your fringe.

Woman with straight brown hair wearing a pair of large square frames in a nude colour

What glasses suit long hair?

  • Depending on the shape of your face, oversized glasses suit long hair and will make your eyes the main focal point.
  • Individuals with a fringe can achieve a classic geek-chic look with a pair of thick square glasses.
  • If you have stunning curls or your hair is full of volume, go for a simple semi-rimless design or glasses with a very thin frame which will draw attention to your curly hair. Cat-eye frames are also a great way to complement the various angles of your layers.
  • If you tend to tie your long hair up, then go for a bold pattern or design which will draw attention to your eyes.