Woman wearing nude-coloured sunglasses frames with a skyline visible behind her

Discover the biggest sunglasses trends for 2024

1 Apr 2024

As we welcome in a new season, we look forward to brighter days ahead and planning our wardrobe for spring. Fashion is constantly evolving and trends come and go. Some classics stand the test of time but creative fashion designers are always giving them innovative new touches. Dominating the fashion scene this season is everything that is bright and bold to oversized classics and slimline 90s icons. In this blog post, we reveal the hottest sunglasses trends for spring 2024.

A pair of round, gold-rimmed sunglasses with green lenses lying on a table

What sunglasses tints should I choose?

We have a selection of sunglasses tints for you to choose from. They all provide 100% UV protection. Our standard dark tints are ideal for day-to-day use and come in brown, grey and green. Gradient tints are dark at the top and fade gradually towards the bottom of the lens. These sunglasses are especially ideal for driving. Meanwhile, polarised sunglasses shield you from reflected glare, enhance contrast and improve visual performance. These sunglasses are particularly suited to driving and outdoor activities.

A man with short dark hair and a thin moustache wearing narrow black sunglasses

What sunglasses are trending for 2024?

This year, we embrace stylish throwbacks, vivid mood-boosting colourways and a demand for sustainability. 2024 sunglasses trends can be described as whimsical, forward-thinking, uber-stylish and ultra bold.

Slim minimal 90s shades

90s minimalism is back! Embrace the YK2 trend, whether you’re looking chic in old-school rimless frames or you’re rocking a pair of classic round metal sunglasses like Oasis. A bit of 90s nostalgia is sure to give you a classic look. Pair either of these styles with your favourite band t-shirt, jeans and Doc Martens at the weekends. Or, embrace their minimalism and dress them up with professional wear for an intellectual look.

Vivid and vibrant colours

Bright and bold frames are an excellent way to incorporate the colours of spring into your wardrobe. Liven up your look and let your personality shine through whether you’re wearing clothing and accessories to match or adding a splash of colour to more toned-down look. Pick fashionable sunglasses in your favourite vivid colours. Pastel and peachy hues, cherry red, bright yellow and orange are all in-season right now.

Funky gradients

Gradient sunglasses are really trendy at the moment. Combining more than one shade, these trendy frames allow you to get creative with your wardrobe and combine different colours that complement each other. Explore a range of eye-catching designs and avant-garde silhouettes.

Eco-friendly sunglasses

Made in a responsible way, environmentally-friendly sunglasses are a very popular eyewear choice this year. We have a wide range of these designs that make a stylish option if you’re looking to make an eco-conscious purchase.

70s nostalgia

Another retro style to return, 2024 sees us embrace the cool 70s vibe with classic Aviator styles and oversized classics. The era of earthy browns, pastel blues and bold tortoiseshell frames. These designs are making their comeback!

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