Stuck on ideas of what to wear? Trying to stay on budget? Get inspiration on how to style your favourite glasses and find some handy tips about shopping online. Learn how to match different outfits to your eyewear and receive advice on finding the right colours, shapes and designs that suit you. Our influencers will also share their own fashion tips and personal experiences.

How to look good in glasses whilst posing for pictures

11 Dec 2023
Woman outdoors wearing cat-eye glasses smiling

Have you noticed how frustrating it can be trying to take a picture with glasses? Light reflects off the lenses and ruins your perfect pose. When you capture professional photographs and stunning selfies with glasses it can become a real challenge for this exact reason. This is true both for the person behind the camera... Read More

How to style your hair with glasses at Christmas parties

29 Nov 2023
2 pairs of frames on a table surround by Christmas decorations

November is nearly over and we can almost hear the festive bells calling us as we get closer to Christmas! It is that time of year when we start to think about and plan lots of exciting Christmas parties and events. Are you all set to glam up for memorable evenings filled with dazzling entertainment... Read More

The 8 best glasses that make you look younger

27 Nov 2023
Older man wearing rectangular black frames smiling

Many of us seek quick solutions to looking and feeling younger, whether it means revamping our wardrobe or investing in the latest luxury skincare. It is a common worry that is often on our minds. There is nothing wrong with ageing though. After all, it is completely natural and as we get older we make... Read More

Top 10 most flattering glasses for older women

20 Nov 2023
Older woman with white hair smiling while wearing cat-eye frames

Feel confident and show off your elegance and sophistication with glasses that complement you and give you a playful, youthful edge. Embrace your natural beauty as a mature individual and show pride in your appearance. We will talk you through which styles to go for and also discuss the best glasses for older women. Tips... Read More

Top style tips for men with a beard and glasses

16 Nov 2023
Man with beard wearing black round frames outdoors

For all the modern gentlemen out there working hard to keep their whiskers neat and tidy, we’ve carefully put together some helpful style inspiration. Look stylish and handsome with the right beard and glasses. Traditionally associated with professionalism, glasses were once seen as a formal accessory reserved only for clean-shaven businessmen and high-fashion models. However,... Read More

Top 8 reasons why you should wear sunglasses in winter

13 Nov 2023
Lady wearing a coat holding up a pair of sunglasses

Many people believe that winter sunglasses are completely unnecessary. As we prepare for a new season, we typically get our wardrobe ready for the change in weather. Very often we associate sunglasses with a sunny beach in the heat of summer. In fact, many of us think it is weird to wear sunglasses in winter.... Read More

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