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Top 8 of the most nostalgic and trendy 90s sunglasses

23 May 2024
A smiling woman with wavy blond hair wearing round sunglasses outside on a sunny day

Good news for all you retro lovers out there – 90s fashion is making a big comeback this year! In 2024, style trends have come full circle with the revival of iconic decades like the 90s. The styles you thought you may never get to experience or have chance to reunite with again are re-emerging.... Read More

What are the top 6 best Ray-Ban sunglasses for men?

20 May 2024
Man with a thick beard and a fauxhawk wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses while sitting outside

A stylish pair of statement sunglasses is a must-have accessory for any stylish gentlemen to include in his wardrobe. The ideal pair of sunglasses will turn heads in every crowd and make you stand out with confidence. But how do you know what styles are trending? Also, more importantly, which designs will suit you best?... Read More

Introducing our brand-new Fields of Barley colourway

17 May 2024

Get ready to welcome our new limited-edition Fields of Barley hue. Developed exclusively for Glasses Direct, some of our bestselling frames have been given a fresh new look and now come in this vibrant and mesmerising colourway. The frames are available as part of our 2-for-1 range and you can also try them on before... Read More

Rediscover the top 5 Y2K sunglasses trends

13 May 2024
A woman with brown curly hair and wearing slim cat-eye sunglasses standing in front of a garage door

Y2K is an abbreviation of the year 2000. It was first used in reference to the millennium computer bug which raised concerns at the turn of the century. People believed that a computer error would lead to flaws in the configuration and storage of calendar data. In the fashion world, it is a sentimental term... Read More

Our favourite aviator sunglasses for women

10 May 2024
Black-and-white close-up of a blonde woman with curly hair wearing aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses elevate your style and have a timeless look that never fails to please. They come in varying designs from the more traditional to innovative new modernisations of this classic frame shape. These kinds of sunglasses, also known as pilot style, are one of the most versatile designs and naturally complement a variety of... Read More

How to wear hearing aids with glasses

7 May 2024
An Asian man who wears glasses and a hearing aid putting on a hat

Are you a glasses wearer who for the first time has to wear hearing aids? Or perhaps you are new to wearing glasses? Either way, you might be curious to know whether the two can function together. After all, they both tend to rest behind your ear and it can feel really uncomfortable wearing them... Read More

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