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Top 8 reasons why you should wear sunglasses in winter

13 Nov 2023
Lady wearing a coat holding up a pair of sunglasses

Many people believe that winter sunglasses are completely unnecessary. As we prepare for a new season, we typically get our wardrobe ready for the change in weather. Very often we associate sunglasses with a sunny beach in the heat of summer. In fact, many of us think it is weird to wear sunglasses in winter.... Read More

Do I need glasses? Top 9 major signs to look out for

6 Nov 2023
Close-up of woman's blue eye

If you are wondering whether or not you need glasses, it is important to consider your symptoms first. Our eyesight changes throughout our lives. There is every chance that you might need to wear glasses at some stage. Often when people begin to experience vision loss they put off scheduling an appointment with an optician.... Read More

Is it really possible for people to have purple eyes?

12 Oct 2023
Female with violet coloured eye colour

You might find it difficult to believe but it is actually possible for people to have naturally purple eyes. Most people associate this captivating eye colour with fictional characters and mystical beings. It is extremely rare and distinctive and is a common trait among individuals with albinism. Sometimes also commonly referred to as violet eyes,... Read More

Love Your Eyes at Work This World Sight Day

6 Oct 2023
Love your eyes at work - Wolrd Sight Day 2023

World Sight Day is an important reminder to keep our eyes healthy. It is organised by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). Occurring annually on the second Thursday of October, this event raises awareness of the problems surrounding blindness and impaired vision. Their #LoveYourEyes campaign draws attention to these issues. It teaches... Read More

How do hazel eyes get their unique colour?

2 Oct 2023
Woman with Hazel coloured eyes looking straight at the camera

Hazel-coloured eyes are truly mesmerising to behold. Speckled with striking flecks of colour, they are remarkable and distinctive. They come in a combination of colours which vary greatly. This is why this eye colour is often seen as attractive and mysterious. Its rarity makes it desirable and a unique trait so if you are lucky... Read More

Interesting facts about green eyes you need to know

25 Sep 2023
Female with green eyes wearing glasses pulling the frames slight down

It is hard to deny that green eyes are captivating, regardless of whether you are lucky enough to be blessed with them or you are green with envy thinking about it. We often associate the eye colour green with spirituality, beauty and wisdom. This is because it is very rare and people are often enchanted... Read More

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