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How to wear hearing aids with glasses

7 May 2024
An Asian man who wears glasses and a hearing aid putting on a hat

Are you a glasses wearer who for the first time has to wear hearing aids? Or perhaps you are new to wearing glasses? Either way, you might be curious to know whether the two can function together. After all, they both tend to rest behind your ear and it can feel really uncomfortable wearing them... Read More

Top 6 tips to keep your eyes safe in the sun

2 May 2024

Warmer weather is on the horizon. This is an important reminder to stay safe in the sun. Soon enough you will be relaxing by a beach somewhere, enjoying a picnic in the park, or just generally spending more time outdoors. Keep yourself protected and look forward to relaxed summer days spent with friends and family.... Read More

Is reading in the dark bad for your eyes?

18 Apr 2024
A man reading a book under a tree. The sun has almost set and it's dark, but a magical glow emanates from the book and illuminates the immediate area.

The simple answer is yes. Reading in the dark can be bad for your eyes. Yet, it will not cause long-term damage to your eyesight and will not lead to short-sightedness. However, it can result in eye strain which creates temporary discomfort. In this blog post, we will enlighten you on how reading in the... Read More

Are grey eyes rare? Discover more about this unique eye colour

8 Apr 2024
Close-up of a pale, freckled woman's face which highlights her grey eyes

Despite being very unusual, grey eyes do in fact exist. They are captivating and have an enigmatic charm. The Ancient Greeks believed having this particular trait was a true reflection of wisdom. People who have this eye colour may appear to have a strong exterior when in fact they are very gentle. Are you one... Read More

Prescription glasses and sunglasses for every occasion

5 Apr 2024
Close-up of a pair of sunglasses with orange lenses on a beach

7th April marks World Health Day. It is an important reminder to prioritise your self-care and protect not only your general health, but the health of your eyes. Booking regular eye tests is essential. An eye exam is not just for getting a brand-new prescription, but it can also help detect other health issues, like... Read More

Can you activate transition lenses without sun?

5 Feb 2024
Man wearing a pair of tinted frames on a sunny day

As a glasses wearer, you might already be aware that photochromic lenses, or light-adaptive transition lenses, are dual-purpose and function as both fully clear glasses indoors as well as a pair of sunglasses when exposed to bright sunlight outdoors. If this is your first experience with transition lenses, you might be curious to know how... Read More

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