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Top 7 best professional glasses to wear at the office

11 Sep 2023

Your glasses reflect your unique personality and style. Yet there are so many fashionable designs to choose from, it can be tricky to decide what to wear from one occasion to the next. This is especially true at work because ideally you want to strike a balance between appearing professional whilst also seeming approachable to your colleagues. Meanwhile, if you work remotely then we are sure you will still want to show off your professionalism regardless of whether you are in your comfiest gear at home, or stylishly suited and booted looking forward to the day ahead on your commute to the office.

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What frames look most professional?

At this time of year, most of us are thinking about the return to the office after a relaxing summer break and so we thought we would give you some advice about which styles to go for when you are back at work. Find out which frames look most professional.

Subtle rectangular designs

Polish up your look with a pair of classic rectangular frames. Simple and stylish, this shape is so versatile it will suit everything from the most casual to a more corporate environment. Semi-rimless glasses will give you an exceptionally tidy appearance. A sleek black frame is an excellent choice for the office but if you want to add a splash of colour, why not go for a bolder print like tortoiseshell? Let your personality shine through whilst still appearing smart and professional.

Classic Clubmaster glasses

When the Clubmaster was first created in the 1940s, it was a favourite among businessmen. Since then, this fashionable glasses style has also become popular as sunglasses. Once seen as very masculine, this design has since evolved. We have a whole range of contemporary designs that make a bright and bold alternative to traditional browline glasses. Achieve a timeless look and turn heads at the office.

Try sleek and stylish metal frames

Metal frames are normally made of sturdy materials like titanium and stainless steel. They are long-lasting and are designed with adjustable nose pads for a more secure and comfortable fit. A pair of Aviator glasses made of sleek metal will give you a distinguished look. We would recommend that you go for a contemporary design with a more squared-off lens. Rimless metal glasses also make an excellent match for your professional wardrobe because they are so subtle and almost invisible on your face, helping to draw the focus to your features. This simple style also gives you the freedom to play around with different outfits. Frames with no rims might be clean-cut and refined but they don’t have to be boring! We have plenty of different colours and shapes for you to choose from.

Discover classic circular styles

Round glasses have long been associated with wisdom and are totally geek-chic! This makes them ideal for professional wear. They are also the height of fashion and are favoured for their versatility. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something a little more modern, a pair of oval glasses could be the ideal option. We have a variety of oval-shaped frames that add an up-to-the-minute twist to your favourite retro-style designs.

Look elegant in a classy cat-eye

Do you work in a fun and informal environment? Are you and colleagues often comparing notes on your favourite fashion? If that’s the case then a pair of Premium Designer cat-eye frames might just be your go-to! Cat-eye glasses vary from minimal to more dramatic styles. Despite being a typically feminine design, there are actually a lot of toned-down styles suitable for men too. Trendy cat-eye designs will give any modern man a fashion-forward look. Don’t be afraid to express your unique sense of style through your fashion choices! Add a playful edge to your professional look with a pair of glamorous cat-eye glasses.

Be bold! Go for chunky square glasses

If you love to show off your sense of style and are seeking a design to reflect your creative flair at work, an oversized frame is ideal. Large square glasses are a real trendsetter and popular amongst celebrity fashion icons. They will help you achieve a classic Hollywood look. Stand out from the crowd and turn heads. An oversized frame will radiate power and give you a bold, confident look.

Follow the transparent trend

Clear glasses are so fashionable and they go with almost any style of clothing. Best of all, because of their minimalist design they pair perfectly with bold prints. So, if you’re the type to wear a bright or flamboyant outfit to the office, this could be the style for you! We have a variety of chic transparent frames that come in pastels, bright colours and crystal tones.

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