Man with a thick beard and a fauxhawk wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses while sitting outside

What are the top 6 best Ray-Ban sunglasses for men?

20 May 2024

A stylish pair of statement sunglasses is a must-have accessory for any stylish gentlemen to include in his wardrobe. The ideal pair of sunglasses will turn heads in every crowd and make you stand out with confidence. But how do you know what styles are trending? Also, more importantly, which designs will suit you best? Well, Ray-Ban® is certainly a top contender when it comes to notable names in fashion. Its history speaks for itself. Ray-Ban® sunglasses for men offer superior quality and next-level style.

Established by optical innovators Bausch and Lomb in the 1930s, Ray-Ban® has stood the test of time and is responsible for some of the most iconic eyewear shapes in history. The classic designs and timeless style are what continues to make this beloved brand so popular. It has had major influence on fashion trends over the decades. Admired among celebrities and fashion lovers, Ray-Ban® has very rapidly built a reputation as one of the world’s most renowned eyewear brands.

So, what are the most popular Ray-Ban® sunglasses for men?

We have carefully handpicked a range of top-selling Ray-Ban® sunglasses styles for men. Take a look to see which designs are trending right now and find fashionable shapes to suit you!

Aviator sunglasses – for the high-flyer

Elevate your style with a classic pair of Ray-Ban® Aviator™ sunglasses for men. Aviator sunglasses, also referred to as pilot style, were first designed in the 1930s for American Air Force pilots. They are the brain child of brand founders Bausch and Lomb.

Early pilots needed to protect their eyes from bright sunlight due to military innovations at the time which meant they were flying at much higher altitudes. Many of these pilots found that the glare from the sun was giving them bad side effects such as headaches and altitude sickness. This inspired Bausch and Lomb to create a new design for sunglasses with green lenses which minimised glare without obstructing vision. Thus, the famous Ray-Ban® Aviator™ sunglasses were born! Their large teardrop lenses adequately shielded the eyes and enabled pilots to see the skyline whilst also navigating their controls.

In the 1950s, a new version of the Aviator™ was created with square lenses in place of the iconic teardrop shape. The lenses were specifically designed to be worn with a flight helmet. The visor was able to go over the sunglasses whilst still providing a reliable field of vision. The temples were straighter so they could easily slip under a helmet and the lenses were more compatible with the oxygen masks pilots wore at the time. This more angular design is now referred to as navigator sunglasses and it still remains a popular style for men today.

Man with a black beard and hair wearing Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

There have been many variations of the Aviator which quickly became popular amongst those who loved the great outdoors. Very quickly golfers, hunters and fishing enthusiasts were all wearing this classic style. Soon after, the public began to realise the benefits of these high-quality sunglasses and their ability to make a bold fashion statement. Even today, Aviator sunglasses continue to be a soaring success among trendsetters who adore them for their eye-catching style.

Pilot-style sunglasses were made iconic by various Hollywood stars over the generations – from Marlon Brando in the 1950s and Tom Cruise in the 1980s to Ryan Gosling’s modern acetate frames in the 2011 action film Drive, as well as countless more appearances since then. Also, let’s not forget, Aviator sunglasses are a great way to echo the cool and classic style of Top Gun’s Maverick!

Round sunglasses – for the cool festival-goer

A timeless classic, round Ray-Ban® sunglasses are a must-have retro style. Born out of necessity, round glasses were the first style ever to be created. By the early 1900s, round sunglasses started to be mass produced. In the Roaring 20s and 1930s, they became a must-have fashion accessory for celebrities, athletes and trendsetters of the time.

By the Swinging Sixties, round sunglasses became a favourite style for hippies who sought to reuse vintage fashion and also connect to the academics of the past. Music icons like John Lennon in particular made them iconic. They had a surge again in 1990s when bands like Oasis led the grunge trend. With vintage styles making their comeback this year, round sunglasses are highly popular amongst hipsters. They are also a favourite of movie stars like Daniel Craig and Leonardo DiCaprio. Frames made of acetate in a classic tortoiseshell are particularly stylish, especially for men seeking a more contemporary alternative to this old-school style.

Clubmaster™ sunglasses – for the stylish hipster

Look distinguished in a classic pair of Ray-Ban® Clubmaster™ sunglasses for men. This refined shape was first created in the late 1940s. People often called them browline glasses because of the prominent acetate at the top of the frame along the line of the brow. The lower part of the frame around the lenses and bridge is traditionally made of thin metal.

A key style of eyewear for businessmen and intellectuals in the 1950s and 60s, they didn’t become iconic as sunglasses until the 1980s when Bruce Willis famously wore a pair of browline shades in the hit TV show Moonlighting. This then inspired Ray-Ban® to create their own unique version of this design, naming it the Clubmaster™. It was an instant success. Despite experiencing a slight lull in the 1990s, by the mid-2000s, hit shows like Mad Men made them a trendy style of retro eyewear for men. They provide a suave and tidy look for any dapper gent. Loved by fashionable Hollywood stars, hipsters and modern-day trendsetters, you really cannot go wrong with a pair of Clubmaster™ shades from Ray-Ban®. These subtle and trendy sunglasses will give you a truly sophisticated look. They are popular because they are versatile and able to suit various face shapes.

Wayfarer™ sunglasses – for the confident trendsetter

The Wayfarer™ by Ray-Ban® was first introduced in 1952 as a trendy and contemporary alterative to the iconic Aviator™ style. These sunglasses had a thicker frame made of plastic with flared corners which struck the perfect balance between function and fashion. They were instantly a big hit and became the must-have sunglasses for trendsetters of the time. This was thanks to movie star and pin-up James Dean who famously sported a pair in Rebel Without a Cause in 1955. This film rejected cultural conformity and brought about a whole new fashion scene for teenagers and young people of the time. In the 1960s, Wayfarer™ sunglasses became an even more recognisable accessory thanks to celebrities of the time. The Beatles, Muhammad Ali and Bob Dylan all had a pair of their own!

These sunglasses would once again rise to prominence in the 1980s, having featured in The Blues Brothers. And of course, when Tom Cruise famously donned a pair in Risky Business. The iconic Wayfarer™ is still a must-have among celebrities and fashion icons today. They are perfect for creating a cool and casual look. Narrower styles of this timeless shape have recently emerged thanks to a recent rise in demand for ultra-tiny sunglasses which are reminiscent of 90s fashion trends.

Rectangle sunglasses – for the refined gentlemen

Rectangular sunglasses create a clean and trendy look for men. This is part of the reason why they are so popular. Rectangular sunglasses are fashionable and functional. Dress them up or down whatever the occasion. Despite their angular appearance, they are set apart from traditional square frames and have a contemporary appeal. Rectangular sunglasses from Ray-Ban® all have a signature design and are embellished with the brand name. This adds a bespoke finish to their subtle shape. Many mimic the classic design of the Ray-Ban® Wayfarer™ with pin detailing and peaked corners. At Glasses Direct, we have a huge variety of interesting shapes and designs for you to choose from.

Hexagonal sunglasses – for those who love to stand out

When it comes to trying to find the latest Ray-Ban® sunglasses for men, you ideally want a new style to show off your unique personality. Well, look no further! Hexagonal sunglasses for men make an excellent contemporary alternative to more traditional styles. Combining the confidence of the Ray-Ban® Aviator™ with the timelessness of round sunglasses, a pair of metal hexagonal frames will set you apart and give you a bold masculine appearance. Lots of Hollywood stars are choosing edgier frames in sleek metal for a contemporary yet polished look.

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