Have you visited the Glasses Direct Boutique yet?

The latest version of Glasses Direct has been live and kicking for 6 weeks and if you’ve navigated around the new site you’ve probably noticed one of the exciting new features – the Boutique section. The Boutique is a whole new area that features high-end products which haven’t been seen on Glasses Direct before –…
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New website, new logo, new Glasses Direct

Welcome to the new look Glasses Direct! We wanted the best design, the cleanest user interface and the most advanced features we can possibly get, so we can show off our frames in the most exciting way possible – and you’re looking at the first stage of the revolution. While our old website took us…
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The Best Fit Machine

Losing a reliable old pair of glasses can almost feel a little like losing a limb. You’re settled in to your glasses, they’re starting to feel like they’re becoming a part of you – but then they break. Or you lose them. Disaster! Now I’m in no way comparing recovering from losing a limb to…
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MyOptique Group serves its millionth customer and raises £16 million to complete funding round

Great news for MyOptique Group – it was recently announced that Glasses Direct, MyOptique, Sunglasses Shop and LensOn have together served more than a million happy customers. One thing’s for certain – that’s a lot of glasses! MyOptique’s continued disruption of the eyewear industry is grabbing the attention of the national press too. The Daily Telegraph spoke to our…
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The guys and girls who make glasses look good

You would be forgiven for thinking that, with the huge amount of shapes and styles of glasses available to wear, glasses haven’t changed very much over the years. But it wasn’t always like that – there was once a time when glasses weren’t fashion accessories but were in fact telltale signs that your eyesight might not…
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Buying glasses online is easier than in a shop

It’s a fact that buying glasses online is easier than buying in a shop. But it might not seem that way – since you need to get your prescription from an optician, why not get your glasses while you’re there? Three simple reasons – the price, the trying, and the test.