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Live colourfully with designer eyewear by kate spade new york

4 Mar 2024

Established by Kate and Andy Spade in 1993, kate spade new york is an American luxury fashion brand. It is adorned for its vibrant, modern and functional designs. Kate Spade, formerly Brosnahan, planned to create her own stylish, utilitarian collection of handbags, following her own successful career at a distinguished fashion magazine. She grabbed the... Read More

What are Asian-fit glasses? Everything you need to know

26 Feb 2024
Woman wearing a pair of round metal frames smiling

When shopping online, you may have come across the term Asian-fit glasses (or low-bridge glasses) and been curious about the meaning. These particular frames are designed to offer enhanced comfort for people with a low nose bridge, wide face, flatter features and high cheekbones, which are all common characteristics among people of Asian descent. Yet,... Read More

Stay in style with the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024

19 Feb 2024

It has recently been announced that Peach Fuzz is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024. We adore this warm and enticing hue. It is a subtle peach colour that sits somewhere between pink and orange on the colour scale. In this themed edit, we will introduce you to this enticing hue. You will... Read More

Scout: Made in Italy Valentine’s Day Collection

9 Feb 2024
Woman wearing pink Scout Made in Italy frames outdoors smiling looking right

Get ready to fall in love with our limited-edition Scout: Made in Italy Valentine’s Day Collection. Discover three glamorous handcrafted styles, each with its own elegant floral design embellished on the inner temples and a secret message written in Italian. The frames in this Valentine’s Day range take their names from famous goddesses. The collection... Read More

Top 6 reasons why you should wear glasses on a date

8 Feb 2024
Couple on a date in a restaurant with the man wearing a pair of glasses

This February 14th, get ready to impress your Valentine by wearing your favourite glasses on a date. They are the perfect accessory and will make you look very attractive and fashionable. We understand that it can be nerve-racking trying to decide what to wear on a date especially if you are a glasses wearer. While... Read More

Can you activate transition lenses without sun?

5 Feb 2024
Man wearing a pair of tinted frames on a sunny day

As a glasses wearer, you might already be aware that photochromic lenses, or light-adaptive transition lenses, are dual-purpose and function as both fully clear glasses indoors as well as a pair of sunglasses when exposed to bright sunlight outdoors. If this is your first experience with transition lenses, you might be curious to know how... Read More

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