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Top 5 best men’s glasses trends 2024

15 Apr 2024
Three smiling men standing in front of a grey brick wall. They're all wearing glasses and have their arms around each others' shoulders.

Gentlemen, please take a seat and relax as we talk you through the top glasses trends for 2024. We have got all the best style advice you need to step out with confidence this season. Look suave and sophisticated wherever you go, wearing fashion-forward eyewear that completes your natural sense of style. With inspiration from... Read More

Top 5 tips for taking pet selfies as a glasses wearer

11 Apr 2024
Polaroid photos of people wearing glasses taking selfies with their pets

In celebration of National Pet Day, we have some great tips on how to take adorable pet selfies with your favourite animal companion – whether you are an aficionado looking for a few pointers, or you are just starting out and want some some advice on how to make your pet Instafamous. Lately, it is... Read More

Are grey eyes rare? Discover more about this unique eye colour

8 Apr 2024
Close-up of a pale, freckled woman's face which highlights her grey eyes

Despite being very unusual, grey eyes do in fact exist. They are captivating and have an enigmatic charm. The Ancient Greeks believed having this particular trait was a true reflection of wisdom. People who have this eye colour may appear to have a strong exterior when in fact they are very gentle. Are you one... Read More

Prescription glasses and sunglasses for every occasion

5 Apr 2024
Close-up of a pair of sunglasses with orange lenses on a beach

7th April marks World Health Day. It is an important reminder to prioritise your self-care and protect not only your general health, but the health of your eyes. Booking regular eye tests is essential. An eye exam is not just for getting a brand-new prescription, but it can also help detect other health issues, like... Read More

Discover the biggest sunglasses trends for 2024

1 Apr 2024
Woman wearing nude-coloured sunglasses frames with a skyline visible behind her

As we welcome in a new season, we look forward to brighter days ahead and planning our wardrobe for spring. Fashion is constantly evolving and trends come and go. Some classics stand the test of time but creative fashion designers are always giving them innovative new touches. Dominating the fashion scene this season is everything... Read More

What are the best frames for Transitions® lenses?

27 Mar 2024

The easiest way to decide which frames will work well with your light-intelligent Transitions® lenses is to figure out which designs look good as sunglasses. Once you have an idea of what styles you love and which will protect you adequately from the sun, you can get started searching for the perfect pair. Sunglasses come with a... Read More

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