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The top 10 best sunglasses for men in the UK

27 Jun 2024

Are you a gentlemen that always looks his best? If you love to style your clothing and accessories for every occasion, then you will know how important it is to get your style just right. Now that the warmer weather is upon us, sunglasses are a must-have amongst trendsetters. They are the ultimate accessory and not only offer UV protection for your eyes, but also top off your outfit perfectly. So, what are the best sunglasses for men in the UK? And which brands are trending right now? In this post, we will highlight some of the biggest trends for men in 2024, from sleek and minimalistic to bold and oversized designs.

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Trendy rectangular sunglasses for men

As the most popular eyewear shape for men, rectangular sunglasses are loved for their sleek angular style. Frames with a slim outline in particular are very popular due to the recent revival of classic 90s trends. Fashionistas simply cannot get enough of this functional and fashionable style!

Pair them with ripped jeans and your favourite t-shirt for a casual on-the-go look. Get a sporty pair of Oakley sunglasses to wear when you are staying active. Or, why not elevate your professional attire with a simple yet trendy design? We have picked two of our most popular styles for you to try.

Round sunglasses for men who are retro lovers

Round sunglasses create the ultimate retro vibe. Loved by music icons of every generation from John Lennon to Oasis, they are adored for their classic style and versatility. Gold-rimmed metal frames and round tortoiseshell designs are real favourites for this season and they create an effortlessly trendy look for men. They are best suited to faces with an angular shape. Zayn Malik is often seen sporting a pair of these classic sunglasses. Plus, we can hardy forget how slick Daniel Craig looked in a pair of round tortoiseshell sunglasses in No Time to Die. Go on, get your 007 on!

Wear them with a bucket hat, loose button-up shirt and shorts for the ultimate festival vibes. As an alternative, you can dress up this old-school style with a knitted polo shirt and chinos for a contemporary hipster look.

Square sunglasses for the suave trendsetter

Another big favourite this year, square sunglasses create a tidy traditional look for men. They have a versatile style and naturally complement men with rounder features thanks to their classic angular style.

Dress them up and look suave in a linen suit, or wear them with your favourite hoodie for a casual but trendy look. Go for a fashionable oversized style, or tone-down your look with a subtle squared-off design.

Aviator sunglasses for the true Maverick

Pilot-style sunglasses are the absolute must-have accessory for any stylish modern gentlemen in 2024. First designed for high-flying pilots, they are a timeless fashion piece that will add a cool and confident edge to your look. Channel your inner Maverick with a pair of classic Ray-Ban® Aviator™ sunglasses or opt for a contemporary alternative.

A young man with tousled hair wearing mirrored aviator sunglasses while looking thoughtfully into the distance

The best way to rock this classic look is by wearing a plain white tee, skinny jeans and trainers. Slip on a leather or denim jacket for an effortlessly cool finish! For professional occasions, pair your aviators with a stylish suit. Or wear a fitted shirt and chinos for an undeniably dapper look that will turn heads in every room.

You can experiment with different frame materials, colours and shapes to show off your unique style. Take a leaf out of Robert Downey Junior’s book, why not! He certainly knows how to style a pair of Aviator sunglasses whilst still representing his personality through the style choices he makes. Aviator sunglasses help to add balance for men with long features. They also perfectly accentuate the sharper jawline of heart and triangular face shapes. Meanwhile, squarer designs will suit men with rounder features.

Clubmaster sunnies for the classic gent

If you’re an old-fashioned gentlemen at heart, the classic Clubmaster might well be your best choice when it comes to sunglasses! Once loved by businessmen of the 1950s and made iconic by Bruce Willis in the mid-80s, Clubmaster sunglasses pull the focus to your browline using a darker acetate along the top of the frame and temples. The rest of the frame is made from sleek metal, providing a smart and tidy finish. They instantly upgrade your wardrobe and give you an air of sophisticated confidence that will emphasise your masculinity. Stand out in these distinctive sunglasses.

Compared to bolder styles like the Aviator, the Clubmaster has a classic retro vibe that works in harmony with business suits and blazers as well as your favourite pair of skinny jeans. Complement your formal wear with a darker frame with silver elements. Or, add a touch of colour and personality to your casual everyday wear with sunglasses that are tortoiseshell with a gold finish.

What eyewear brands are popular for men?

Ray-Ban® is one of our most popular Premium Designer brands when it comes to stylish sunglasses for men. Their iconic design features and timeless style has made them a consistent favourite since they were first designed for pilots in the 1930s. Responsible for some of the most recognised eyewear designs, the brand’s star-studded sunglasses have captured the attention of several celebrities over the decades from President John F. Kennedy and Muhammad Ali to Tom Cruise and Kanye West. In fact, you would probably struggle to name a celebrity that hasn’t been spotted in a pair!

Another top-contender for men in the UK, Oakley sunglasses are ideal for sports lovers seeking a reliable pair to wear on the go. They are also very reliable, comfortable and a great way to stand out at festivals, or simply just for day-to-day wear. Oakley’s high-performance sunglasses were once reserved for athletes and sports enthusiasts. However, today they have very firmly entered the fashion world. Celebrities like talented singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams and heartthrob Hollywood actor Zac Efron have both been seen looking stylish in their favourite pairs!

Our own-brand, 2-for-1 sunnies are also very popular, striking the perfect balance between great style and value. For men seeking more traditional designs, London Retro sunglasses offer the very best in timeless design and are part of our 2-for-1 Designers range.

Other trending eyewear brands for men include Hugo BossLevi’sNew BalancePolo Ralph LaurenBen ShermanTed BakerTom FordHARTHarrington and more!

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How do I find the best sunglasses for men online?

You can easily navigate our website and browse a range of trendy sunglasses. Filter by shape, colour and brand. Make sure the style you pick suits your face shape and if you want to, try them on first with our free Home Trial. If you already have a pair that fit really well, our Best Fit Machine will help you find sunglasses that fit just like your old pair.

Read our helpful guide to the different tints we offer and find the right pair of sunglasses for your needs.