A pair of black glasses and a pair of sporty sunglasses lying next to a tennis ball, a golf ball and a tennis racket

The top 6 best glasses and sunglasses for sports

21 Jun 2024

Are you an active person? Do you love to play sports or keep yourself fit another way? Investing in suitable eyewear for your chosen sports activity is just as important as finding the appropriate active wear and sports gear. The truth is, if you participate in outdoor fitness activities a majority of the time then you will definitely need a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from UV rays, especially on brighter days. Your sports sunglasses or glasses should also be sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable to wear so that you can focus on the activity you are participating in without any distraction or irritation. Top brands like Harrington Sport and Oakley are uniquely engineered for people with an active lifestyle. The frames have features like rubber inserts for a secure grip and a lightweight structure that ensures a comfortable fit.

Choosing the perfect eyewear and deciding on which lens options and what colour tints to go for can seem like a bit of a challenge if you are not sure what you need, but don’t worry we’re here to help you find your ideal pair.

A skier in a red coat and a white helmet racing down a steep mountain slope

Skiing and snow sports

Get ready to take to the slopes! Make sure you have a high-quality pair of sports sunglasses ready for action. You will ideally want a large frame that protects you fully from the sun and shields your eyes from the wind and any debris like rocks and twigs which could fly up into your face when you are navigating the slopes. The cold weather can also negatively impact your sight. The extreme cold temperatures restrict blood flow to your eyes and can lead to chronic pain, double vision, blurry vision and even blindness in the most extreme circumstances. Sunglasses will shield your eyes and keep you protected.

Polarised lenses are ideal as they are designed to minimise blinding glare from reflective surfaces. On the brightest days, snow can reflect a lot of glare which obstructs your vision and causes eye strain. Polarised sunglasses provide full UV protection and enhance contrast for improved visual clarity. This is especially ideal when you’re trying to distinguish subtle bumps and slopes in the terrain. If you love snowboarding, skiing, or you live in an area that frequently has snowy spells, polarised shades will help keep you protected so that you can stay focused without any distraction. Grey tints in particular will reduce the amount of light that gets to your eyes and enable you to perceive colours in their natural form so that you can navigate the slopes more easily.

Two people jumping on opposite sides of a volleyball net in an effort to hit the ball

Ball sports

Do you like to kick off the day with a game of football? Or do you prefer to tee up for a game of golf? Whatever gets your heart racing, you’ll want to make sure you have a pair of sports sunglasses. Gradient tints are exactly what you need. They are dark at the top and fade gradually towards the bottom. This means they are capable of protecting you from the sun overhead while also allowing you see the ball on the ground. Brown tints in particular improve depth perception so you can easily judge distance. They also increase contrast so you can perform with more precision.

A blonde woman in light gym clothes doing yoga on a sandy beach

Fitness classes

Do you love Pilates, spin class, or yoga? Next time you go, make sure you have reliable eyewear to keep you comfortable. Photochromic lenses are ideal for your busy lifestyle. They function as both fully clear glasses when you’re indoors and also a stylish pair of sunglasses when you make your way outside. They block 100% of UV rays when exposed to bright sunlight. Photochromic lenses are dual-purpose so you don’t have to carry both your glasses and sunglasses with you all the time. They’re perfect if you enjoy a mix of both indoor and outdoor sports. If you want to go for something a little different, Transitions® GEN S™ lenses come in eight trendy style colours. Choose one to reflect your unique style!

A cyclist from behind, riding along an empty road in the desert

Running and cycling

Do you enjoy long bike rides or perhaps you regularly jog outdoors? Ideally, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses with long, flat temples and good grip, especially if you wear a helmet because this will prevent any discomfort or the frames falling off during intense exercise. Standard grey-tinted sunglasses are great at safeguarding your vision. Polarised lenses are your best bet if you want to avoid distracting glare from the sun, especially when cycling on wet roads or when passing lakes. If you tend to run or cycle in woodland and shadowy areas, then green sunglasses lenses are best for navigating these kind of shady environments.

A blonde woman in a green jersey about to throw the ball in handball

Indoor sports

Are you a gym bunny? Or do you enjoy playing sports indoors? If so, you’ll want to make sure your glasses are durable and comfortable to wear. Our lens packages are a great way to ensure your lenses are well protected. Depending on which you choose, you can benefit from a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating which will protect your glasses from abrasions and shield your eyes from troublesome reflections. Make sure you choose a sturdy frame to prevent damage. Also, you should pick a design with good grip so there is less risk of the frame slipping off your face when you’re moving at speed.

A woman in red leaning off the side of a sail boat while taking part in a race with her team

Water sports

Whether you’re riding the waves on your surfboard or reeling in your latest catch on a fishing trip, you’ll want to make sure your eyes are fully protected and you can see clearly. Polarised sunglasses will reduce glare reflected off the top of the water so that your eyes don’t get tired from squinting. Grey lenses are ideal on open water as they allow you to accurately perceive colours in the surrounding environment and keep you fully protected from the sun. For fishing, try brown tints which increase contrast and enhance depth perception. This means you will be able to cast your line and keep track of the fish under the water.