Sam Saadet from The Apprentice shares her favourite frames

11 Mar 2024

Entrepreneur and fitness fanatic Sam Saadet explains how she loves to wear fashionable eyewear from Glasses Direct. You may recognise her from The Apprentice, the hit reality game show as seen on BBC One.

As a talented online fitness trainer focusing on pre and post-natal care, Sam has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and loves to help others.

She launched her fitness app, The Mummy Movement, whilst raising her two children. She aims to support and encourage mums like herself to stay fit and feel rejuvenated.

Sam recently appeared as a candidate on this year’s 18th series of The Apprentice hoping to prove she deserves an investment from famous business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.

Happy woman wearing a pair of rectangular frames holding a glass of bubbles and showing her mobile phone screen of her app 'The mummy Movement'

Sam Saadet (@‌themummy.motivator)

We spoke to Sam to discover more about her time on The Apprentice and asked her to reveal what she loves most about shopping with Glasses Direct.

What did you most enjoy about The Apprentice? Is there any moment that stands out to you so far?

I enjoyed taking on new challenges that I’ve never done before, like creating cheesecakes and haggling for oysters in Jersey. I’ve experienced things I would never have done in my life, like jumping into an ice cold gorge in the Highlands!

How do you align your choice of glasses with your wardrobe? Which shapes and styles do you normally go for? Big and bold? Or refined and simple?

I base my frame choice on colour of outfits. If I’m wearing bolder colours or patterns, I’ll go for a more subtle, thinner frame so it’s not too much of a clash. Or, I’ll go for a frame of a similar colour, like my London Retro, Epping glasses which have an orange hue to them. If I’m wearing more neutral tones, I’ll wear a bolder frame to stand out more. So, for a more casual or day-to-day outfit, I’ll go for a classic frame. With a smarter or occasion outfit, I’ll go for a bolder on-trend frame.

Woman in 2 different photos wearing a pair of oversized frames and round frames smiling
Sam wearing Scout, Elijah and London Retro, Concord with her outfits

How do you choose glasses to complement your professional attire?

I like to push the traditional outlook of having to have smart frames with professional attire. I think you can put on a suit and dress it with your frames as a way to express your own style.

Woman in 2 different photos on TV show 'The Apprentice' wearing a pair of round frames
Sam is wearing London Retro, Concord on The Apprentice

As a busy parent, do you find being able to order glasses online convenient? Also, does our free Home Trial benefit you in a similar way?

Absolutely, I don’t have time to go into a store as a busy mum. Or, I don’t always want to bring my little ones in store with me as they’ll end up bored, no doubt! So I like to sit at home and take my time when it suits me to go through options. The Home Trial is a massive benefit and I can simply send them back if they don’t suit!

Out of all the frames you’re wearing in your pictures, what frames do you love to wear the most?

I absolutely love the frames I wore in The Apprentice boardroom, my London Retro, Epping and just love the slightly bigger size of them, the shape but mostly, the unique colour. I feel like they allow me to showcase my own sense of style and stand out without being too much.

Woman in 3 different photos wearing a pair of orange round frames
Sam wearing London Retro, Epping on The Apprentice and at home