Three smiling men standing in front of a grey brick wall. They're all wearing glasses and have their arms around each others' shoulders.

Top 5 best men’s glasses trends 2024

15 Apr 2024

Gentlemen, please take a seat and relax as we talk you through the top glasses trends for 2024. We have got all the best style advice you need to step out with confidence this season. Look suave and sophisticated wherever you go, wearing fashion-forward eyewear that completes your natural sense of style.

With inspiration from the latest runway trends, celebrity and trendsetter favourites, this is your comprehensive guide to fashionable men’s eyewear in 2024.

Join the transparent trend

When it comes to men’s glasses trends, clear frames are not only super stylish, they are also loved for their simplicity. If ever you are looking for an everyday pair of glasses that will complement pretty much any outfit, this is the style to go for! More often than not, transparent glasses are made from sturdy plastic or acetate. They are very versatile and thanks to their minimal aesthetic, they will suit all skin tones. The shape of the frame will also appear subtler and thus not overcrowd your face, showcasing your natural features. Clear glasses will give you an ultra trendy look whether you are dressing smart for work or keeping it casual at the weekend. If you want to add a splash of colour, crystal frames also come in a variety of bright hues and have mixed aesthetics that make them stand out.

Go big or go home!

In 2024, it is good to be bold! In fact, men’s fashion is incomplete without a pair of stylish oversized glasses nowadays. They are the latest craze to hit the fashion scene. These statement-making frames maximise your look and are an excellent way to elevate your wardrobe. Depending on your face shape, you are sure to find a larger-than-life pair of glasses to suit you. Turn heads wherever you go and add a bold edge to your look.

Try trendy 70s throwbacks

Retro is making a comeback! 70s-inspired glasses are a particular favourite for fashion gurus and hipsters. Round metallic frames are a retro classic first made iconic by John Lennon. They will give you a refined look that will complement your sophisticated office attire. If you love 70s-inspired fashion, Aviator glasses are also a real hit across genders and have a timeless vintage appeal that never goes out of fashion.

Break the mould with geometric glasses

Who said your eyewear had to follow the norm? Show off your fun, creative and quirky personality with a pair of geometric frames. These trendsetting designs grew massively in popularity throughout 2023 and are set to be even more iconic in 2024. Step outside of the ordinary and go for a unique geometric silhouette. Better still, with the spring season in full swing, why not turn your frames into a stylish pair of sunglasses? Hexagonal and octagonal frames are commonly made of varying types of metal and plastic, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Are you ready to see fashion from a completely different angle this year?

Keep it tidy with classic rectangular frames

Rectangle frames continue to be a firm favourite for men in 2024. In fact, 40% of all the glasses we sold to our customers in 2023 were rectangular. That gives you an indication of just how popular they really are. A favourite among famous male celebrities, this very traditional shape is highly functional and will give you a refined look whatever the occasion. Rectangle frames come in a variety of styles and materials from more refined semi-rimless options to stylish metals and acetates you can pair with any outfit.

Which men’s glasses trends are you following in 2024? Let us know which shapes and brands you love to wear. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram and tag @‌glasses_direct and #myglassesmyway.