Polaroid photos of people wearing glasses taking selfies with their pets

Top 5 tips for taking pet selfies as a glasses wearer

11 Apr 2024

In celebration of National Pet Day, we have some great tips on how to take adorable pet selfies with your favourite animal companion – whether you are an aficionado looking for a few pointers, or you are just starting out and want some some advice on how to make your pet Instafamous.

Lately, it is virtually impossible to scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed without spotting a heart-warming pet photo or video. Everybody is part of the craze – even animal lovers without pets are hooked! Pet owners everywhere are so filled with pride that they share their favourite pictures of their cute, funny, intelligent, sassy and energetic pets to the world by posting them online – and we can’t get enough! So as a glasses wearer, how do you capture the perfect pet selfie?

Woman taking a selfie with her dog outdoors in a forest

Make sure you use natural lighting

With any type of photography, having the right lighting is key. In order to achieve pet selfie success, you will want to try to take a photo with your pet in as natural lighting as possible.

When taking a pet selfie outdoors, make sure you head out in the morning or during the late afternoon when the sun is lower on the horizon. If you plan to take your pet to the park in the middle of the day, try to get a photo of them under a nice shady tree and avoid direct sunlight so that you ae both not squinting your eyes to see. Don’t worry if the weather is overcast because the clouds will actually help to soften the harsh sunlight. If you are shooting on a very sunny day and are finding it hard to locate a shady area, just make sure you always keep your back to the sun to smooth out the contrast in the photo and avoid any unflattering shots. Plus, as a glasses wearer, you will want to make sure there are no annoying reflections in your lenses.

Meanwhile, if you are taking your photograph with your pet indoors, find a space with plenty of natural light, ideally somewhere with big windows. Make sure that you face the light source which, as long as it is not too bright, will act as a spotlight and illuminate you and your pet in the photo. If you have a room that has white flooring or is painted white, even better! This will bounce and diffuse the light, creating a much softer finish for your photography.

Whatever you do, avoid using flash on your smartphone. After all, you don’t want to startle your pet with a burst of bright light. Or worse, for them to end up having bright-red eyes in the photo.

Capture the perfect angle

It is so important to ensure that you take a picture with your pet from the right angle. This is why it is good to experiment. Try close-up shots that show not just your pet’s adorable features, but your own. Plus, give wider shots a go by using a selfie stick to include the stunning backdrop, whether you are travelling somewhere new or going for a walk in your favourite nearby park. Make sure you keep it simple and avoid too complex of a background though. Find a nice setting and make sure the colours make your pet stand out. An example of this, if you have a pet with very dark fur, you should try to choose a lighter background and vice versa.

Be sure to capture your pet’s gorgeous eyes whether that means cuddling up with them or getting on their level. Remember not to force your pet to pose in set positions and disturb them when they are already comfortable. Instead, join them wherever they are at the time you decide to snap a few cute selfies. Take a few pictures whilst you are cuddling with your pet or sit on the floor beside them when they are chilling at home. Be patient with them and take plenty of time to plan your photoshoot.

Man taking a selfie with his dog in his office

Use burst mode

Trying to capture the perfect photo of your pet can be a real challenge sometimes! Of course, pets don’t naturally sit still for very long – even if you are holding their favourite treat in front of them. They have very short attention spans and are easily distracted. If you are not careful, you can end up with blurry or poor-quality images. Worst still, your glasses can fall off or light can reflect in the lenses and disturb the photo. Thankfully, most modern smartphones have a built-in burst mode so you can take several pictures in quick succession. That way you won’t miss the best shot!

If your pet is feeling really energetic, burn off some of that energy with a little play session or take them for a brisk walk before taking selfies with them. That way, they are far more likely to relax for photos and will be much calmer.

Time for treats!

Use your pet’s favourite treats or toys to get their attention. Hold their special reward with one hand just behind the camera to get them to look in the right direction. That way you can capture a charming selfie with them staring into the camera lens.

If you are finding it difficult to juggle your phone and their treat or toy, get yourself a pet selfie stick. There are a whole variety of these available, from selfie sticks with a treat tray to designs where a ball or fun toy is attached. That is a guaranteed way to get your pet’s undivided attention!

Man taking a selfie with his dog outdoors on a mountain cliff

Be playful with your choice of frames

Are you hoping to snap a cute selfie of you and your favourite four-legged friend? Why not have some fun and match the colour of your glasses with their fur? Is your cat a black beauty, chilled-out ginger, or a feisty tortie? Or maybe your dog is a gorgeous golden, a fabulous blue Frenchie, or a lovely dog with gorgeous patches? Or, perhaps you are the proud owner of another gorgeous fur baby, like a guinea pig or hamster? In which case, you might want to go for a multi-coloured frame. We’ve handpicked some of our most stylish frames which we think will look perfect for your pet selfies!

Glasses for dog lovers

Glasses to fur baby parents

Glasses for cat lovers

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