Three pairs of glasses lying on a blue table, next to a pair of wireless headphones, a keyboard and a gaming controller

What are the best gaming glasses?

8 Jul 2024

Do you love to be at the centre of the action? If one of your favourite pastimes is a fun-fuelled solo gaming session or an adrenaline-packed gaming night with friends, then you need to level up your glasses game today! We have come up with some helpful tips for gamers on how to pick the ideal pair of gaming glasses in celebration of National Video Game Day.

How do video games affect your vision?

It is important to consider the impact lengthy gaming sessions can have on your sight. It can lead to digital eye strain, otherwise known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Some of the symptoms linked to CVS are dry, tired or itchy eyes, neck and shoulder pain and even headaches. Gamers are especially susceptible to digital eye strain because of the length of time they tend to spend looking at digital screens.

Regardless of whether you are a pro-gamer or just starting out, you should always prioritise your eye health. After all, any visual discomfort could easily distract you and impact your performance. If you want to be one step ahead of the competition, you need to be able to concentrate fully. Lengthy exposure to digital screens can really irritate your eyes and make you feel fatigued. This is where gaming glasses step in to save the day!

Two pairs of glasses and a pair of wireless headphones lying on a smooth, reflective surface with a bright purple backdrop

What lenses are best for my gaming glasses?

Ideally, you will need blue-violet light lenses for your gaming glasses. By adding these lenses to a frame of your choice, you can turn them into a reliable pair of glasses for your gaming sessions. They filter High Energy Visible (HEV) blue-violet light and ensure improved visual comfort and focus when you are using your digital devices. Blue-violet light lenses are designed to block reflected glare. The glare reduction prevents reflected light from reaching your eyes which means you will be less likely to squint or strain them and instead can focus on the screen. As well as having blue-violet light blocking properties, the lenses have a scratch-resistant coating which helps keep them protected from minor abrasions.

If you upgrade to our premium KODAK UVBlue Lens, you can benefit from greater contrast for enhanced colour recognition and depth perception. This will mean that you can see more clearly and accurately. They also shield your eyes from blue-violet light and minimise reflections. Plus, they reduce glare and have an anti-UV coating which protects you from bright light. They are easy to clean and durable with an anti-static, water-repellent and scratch-resistant coating. These lenses are especially ideal for those who spend extended periods in front of digital screens.

Are there other ways to prevent digital eye strain?

Aside from lenses that block blue-violet light, you can also make a few small changes to your gaming set-up to reduce any symptoms of digital eye strain. Below we have highlighted some different ways you can protect your vision.

Try anti-reflective lenses

Many of our affordable lens packages come with an anti-reflection coating that prevents distracting reflections. This can really benefit your eyes and prevent them from straining to see digital screens.

Be aware of the light in your environment

Try to reduce the amount of bright light overhead and make sure that any natural light is to one side of you rather than right in front or behind you. This will minimise glare and prevent your eyes from straining too much.

Adjust your gaming set-up

Make sure the digital screen you are using is not too close to your face and adjust your seat so that you are sitting with your feet firmly planted on the floor.

Apply filters on your screen

A majority of computer screens and digital devices will have filters that you can adjust. Make sure the brightness and contrast are at a comfortable level.

Some devices even have filters that can minimise the level of blue-violet light that is emitted. You can also apply a glare screen which is designed to minimise reflected light from lights and windows.

Take breaks when you can

Even if you enjoy long gaming sessions spent in front of digital screens, don’t forget to take regular breaks to allow your eyes time to rest.

How to choose the best glasses for gaming

As well as filtering blue-violet light, your gaming glasses should also be comfortable to wear. Follow our top tips for choosing the best frames to turn into gaming glasses.

Find frames that fit

It may seem like an obvious point, but your glasses should be snug and secure. They should fit the shape of your face just right. At Glasses Direct, we have several different frame sizes for you to choose from. Take a look at our guide to sunglasses for small faces to find out how to measure your face for glasses. Our Best Fit Machine is also a helpful tool that will help you find new frames that fit just like your existing pair do.

Four pairs of glasses with their lenses reflecting blue light lying on a shiny dark table, next to a keyboard, a pair of wireless headphones and a gaming controller

Select a frame designed for sports

Sports glasses are often very suitable for gamers too. This is because they tend to have a dynamic design specifically engineered for comfort. People with an active lifestyle require eyewear with good grip to prevent the frame from falling off their face when they are on the move. This is also an excellent design feature for gamers, ensuring that the frame rests securely, without being a nuisance and slipping off your face during gaming sessions. Some frames are even designed with thinner, flatter temples so that they can fit comfortably under a helmet. Gamers can benefit from this feature too, especially when wearing large headsets. Our Oakley and Harrington Sport ranges both offer a selection of frames that are specifically designed for people with an active lifestyle and for the reasons above and more, are also very suitable for gamers.

Choose a lightweight frame

Select a frame that is lightweight, to the point where you barely notice it on your face when gaming. That way you can stay completely focused on the challenge at hand. A lightweight frame will also help you to avoid discomfort after prolonged use.

Top 10 gaming glasses to try in 2024

We have carefully selected a range of frames suitable for gamers. Check out these innovative designs and find something to suit you! Take your performance to the next level with the ideal pair of gaming glasses.

Oakley Admission

Created specifically for gamers, this Oakley Aviator frame is lightweight and comfortable. The interchangeable nose pads are designed to offer an optimised fit and greater comfort. Meanwhile, the temples have a slim design that is headset compatible.

Ray-Ban RB7213M

Are you into racing games? If you love the thrill of putting pedal to the metal and tearing around the track, this square Ray-Ban® frame will be right up your street! Inspired by the famous Scuderia Ferrari motor racing team, this sturdy frame is crafted from Liteforce, a cutting-edge thermoplastic that is lightweight, hypoallergenic and extremely comfortable to wear. Complete with signature Ferrari branding and rubber tips, this sporty frame is perfect for your gaming sessions.

Harrington Sport Jack

This trendy Harrington Sport frame is designed to be secure and comfortable. It has nose pads which are integrated into the frame and an ergonomic shape. Both temples are lined with rubber which helps to eliminate any pressure on the side of your head – this is a real bonus if you wear a headset for long periods when gaming!

The Collection Colby

This slick and stylish frame from our exclusive collection is constructed from hard-wearing metal. It has an eye-catching Aviator silhouette with comfortable plastic temples and adjustable nose pads that prevent the frame from slipping off your face.

Persol PO1007V

This fashionable Persol frame has a stylish design and is built for comfort. The adjustable nose pads provide a bespoke fit. Crafted from lightweight metal, it has sleek acetate temples with the signature patented Meflecto design which allows for greater flexibility and eliminates pressure points at either side of your head. This frame has a timeless oval shape and features the signature arrow detail that gives it a stand out confidence that won’t go unnoticed.

New Balance NB4161

This sporty New Balance frame is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has a trendy, vibrant design and is crafted from eco-friendly acetate. This contemporary frame is ideal for both your indoor and outdoor adventures!

Scout Holly

If you are looking for something cute and comfortable, this Scout frame ticks all the right boxes! Crafted from smooth acetate, it has a fun cat-eye silhouette with a decorative cut-out detail on the top corners which resemble charming cat ears. It is sturdy and lightweight with flexible spring hinges for added comfort. Why not add a playful edge to your gamer look?

Harrington Jeffery

Jeffery is part of our Harrington range of eyewear. This durable semi-rimless metal frame is lightweight and sturdy. It has spring hinges for added flexibility and nose pads that can be adjusted for a bespoke fit. It has a sleek design with plastic temples for added comfort.

London Retro Fulwell

This classic Clubmaster frame by London Retro has a versatile and sophisticated design. It contrasts sleek black acetate with stylish gold detailing. The adjustable nose pads ensure a more bespoke fit and the temples have a comfortable design.

Tommy Jeans TJ0091

This trendsetting frame by Tommy Jeans is full of quirky style. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it has adjustable nose pads with sporty-looking branded temples featuring sleek plastic tips. Its modern thin metal silhouette means it is very light and comfortable to wear, headset or no.