Top 7 glasses styles to wear at a wedding

11 Jul 2024

Look chic and stylish this wedding season. A pair of glasses can really elevate your style, whether you are soon to tie the knot or have been invited to a wedding as a special guest. Basing the design of your glasses around the theme of your big day is a great place to start. Ask yourself a few questions first. Will it be a traditional event? Do you love all things vintage? Are you obsessed with the latest fashion trends? Or, perhaps, you are a nature lover opting for minimalism at its finest with a rustic-style wedding.

We have so many fashionable glasses to suit all styles and budgets, so you’ll be totally spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect prescription glasses online with us. Meanwhile, if you’re still trying to decide whether or not to wear glasses on the day, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find plenty of helpful style tips that are sure to have you feeling confident and ready to walk down the aisle in no time!

Vintage chic

Vintage-inspired weddings are extremely popular at the moment. If you’re planning to make memories worthy of being nostalgic about in years to come, you’ll need to make sure every single detail of your special day is just right. We have a whole range of retro-style glasses for you to choose from. Our recommendation would be an elegant cat-eye or a classic pair of round glasses. This will work particularly well for a 1950s or 60s theme!

Keep it simple

Arguably one of the most important parts of a wedding is your attire. Lots of people on the day worry about distracting attention away from their carefully chosen outfit, whether it’s a traditional dress, a fashionable suit or another show-stopping ensemble. Allow your outfit to take the spotlight and be the centre of attention by wearing one of our sleek range of Finelight glasses.

These refined rimless frames have a simple yet reliable design which will allow your best features to shine through. Plus, for those of you who plan to wear special make-up on the day, these rimless frames are less likely to overshadow or crowd your face. Some of the Finelight frames even feature detailing at the temples for an added touch of style and glamour. Both bride, groom and guests will look fantastic in these! They are particularly ideal if your chosen outfit for the big day has intricate details or a distinctive design that you want people to notice.

Stand out in tortoiseshell

A traditional tortoiseshell frame is bold yet classy. This highly popular design will add a contemporary edge to your wedding wardrobe. Give subtler colours like cream and pastels the attention they deserve by contrasting them with a pair of fashionable tortoiseshell glasses. Not only is the pattern tortoiseshell very trendy, it comes in an array of colours which will allow your unique personality to shine through.

It’s totally crystal clear!

Transparent frames are very popular at the moment and make the perfect accompaniment to your wedding outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the bride, groom or guest of honour! Clear glasses are definitely a good style to go for as they tend to be very versatile. You can either choose to go for a simple crystal clear design or you can opt for soft pastel colours for a modern edge. Mix it up even more by choosing a frame with a trendy mixed aesthetic.

Make a fashion statement

If you and your partner are total fashionistas obsessed with the most sought-after designer brands, we would recommend that you treat yourself. After all, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why not treat the aisle as your very own catwalk? Delve into our luxury collection of Premium Designer frames and fall in love with all of your favourite designer brands, which includes Ray-Ban®, Tom Ford and Jimmy Choo. A simple all-black design will appear chic and refined. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something bold and colourful that will grab attention, a larger designer frame with intricate detailing at the temples is ideal.

Glimmer in gold

Find a pair of stylish glasses that glisten as brightly as the wedding rings on the big day. Metal glasses are actually some of the most versatile you can choose. Their subtle yet high-quality design means you’ll be comfortable whilst also looking extremely sophisticated. We would suggest a simple round or rectangular metal frame. However, if you’re looking for a design with a slightly modern finish to match the overall aesthetic of the wedding, then a trendy geometric frame is ideal.

For nature lovers

Many weddings nowadays focus on a more stripped-back approach. Rustic and whimsical themes are becoming increasingly popular. Also, in day-to-day life, people are constantly seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and have less of a negative impact on our planet. We have a range of sustainable and eco-friendly eyewear. The idea is that you can make conscious choices without having to compromise on quality or style.

Whatever glasses you decide to wear, whether you are part of the big day, have planned it yourself or are attending as a guest, you’re sure to find a suitable pair to match the special theme of the event. Share your wedding pictures with us on our Instagram page by tagging @glasses_direct and #myglassesmyway.