Discover our luxury Tom Ford eyewear range

24 Jan 2024

Tom Ford is one of the most iconic and inspiring fashion moguls in the industry. Since 2005, he has created a stylish collection that consists of a combination of vintage-inspired and contemporary designs. Tom Ford eyewear is influenced by his prominent and extensive career in fashion.

Crafted in Italy with exceptional attention to detail, Tom Ford sunglasses and prescription glasses are extremely popular. Many of the frames within this range are bold and showcase elements of classic Hollywood style. Others are sleeker and subtle in design. Forming part of our Premium Designer collection, Tom Ford eyewear is the very definition of class and luxury.

Discover premium Tom Ford eyewear

Explore a variety of chic and fashionable shapes and styles full of innovation and inspired by the very latest fashion trends. Tom Ford glasses are characterised by their signature design. Every high-quality piece features the iconic metal T accent at the sides and along the temples.

FT5869-B is our most recent arrival. It has a distinctive silhouette with teardrop-shaped lenses which look stylish as both standard clear glasses and sunglasses. Its keyhole bridge and spring hinges allow for added comfort and flexibility.

Chic and timeless style

Achieve a refined and classic look with a pair of stylish Tom Ford glasses. Impress your closest friends and work colleagues with your impeccable taste in eyewear. This high-end range of frames features recognisable trademarks of the brand. Each design has its own distinctive style that will stand out from the crowd. Favoured by many style-conscious celebrities, these designer glasses make the ultimate statement whether you’re at the office or meeting friends.