Woman wearing a brown hijab and metal glasses outdoors

Style advice on how to wear your hijab with glasses

22 Jan 2024

There are a few simple style tips you should keep in mind before deciding how best to wear a hijab with glasses. Think about which occasion you are preparing for, what face shape you have, what your skin tone is, which glasses fit comfortably and most importantly, which designs suit your unique fashion sense. We’ve got plenty of helpful advice on how to find the right pair of glasses to complement your hijab style.

How should I tie my hijab?

Depending on whether you go for a more traditional or contemporary look, you’ll first want to decide the most suitable way to wrap your hijab. In fact, you might already have a style you love. If that’s the case, stick to what you know suits you.

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are a few popular ways you can tie your hijab. You have the choice to either go with the classic style and wear it loosely around your head, or you can fold it securely around your chin for a tidy finish. To achieve a more trendsetting look, simply allow part of your hijab to drape over your shoulder. If you’re wearing earrings, make sure your ears are still visible and not covered by the fabric. This is also a good opportunity to show off any details on the side of your glasses. Whatever you decide, you can easily style your hijab according to the occasion and your own preferences.

To keep your hijab in place throughout the day, make sure you use plenty of clips at the side and the back of your head for a snug fit. This will also ensure that the hijab doesn’t alter the position of your glasses.

Woman wearing a grey hijab and black glasses reading a book

How to wear glasses with a hijab?

There are three different ways you can wear glasses with a hijab. Either, place the glasses under the layers, between the layers, or over the top of the fabric. For a hijab that is smooth and made of silk or chiffon, we would suggest that you tuck the glasses around your ears underneath the material. Just make sure your hijab cap and scarf are loose enough so that the glasses don’t rub on your ears. If you’re worried about the glasses irritating you, simply slide them between the layers of the material if you feel more comfortable that way. You can also place your glasses over the top of the hijab. However, this way only really works if the hijab is made of cotton or linen rather than silky material which could cause your glasses to slip off your face.

What glasses material is comfortable to wear with a hijab?

Regardless of whether or not you wear your hijab loose or tight, you will feel more comfortable in a slim, lightweight frame. After all, you don’t want your glasses to feel too heavy on your face. If you go for a metal frame, pick one with adjustable nose pads so the glasses sit comfortably and securely on the bridge of your nose. Meanwhile, if you choose an acetate frame, make sure it’s not too tight or too big for you. Also, the temples should be smooth and wrap comfortably around your ears otherwise they will rub. The other point to keep in mind is that if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to choose hypoallergenic glasses. Frames made of acetate, titanium and stainless steel are normally your best options to help avoid any irritation.

For individuals who wear varifocal glasses, it’s crucial to consider the size of the frame. Ideally, it should have a lens height of no less than 30 millimetres to ensure a comfortable viewing experience. Our recent blog post gives you more advice on how to pick the right frames for your varifocal lenses. If you have a high prescription, you might also want to consider our various lens options and packages which will help ensure the lenses are durable and not too thick.

If you would like to get a feel for a particular frame style or shape, order our free Home Trial before purchasing your favourite glasses online. You’ll have seven days to try on up to four frames. Test their weight and experience how the material feels on your face. See how they look with your favourite hijabs and try them on with different outfits. Speak to your friends and family to get their opinion too!

As an alternative, if you’ve already got a pair of glasses you like and you’re looking for something similar, try our Best Fit Machine. This will help you find new glasses that fit just like your old ones!

Woman wearing a white hijab and black to clear ombre glasses smiling

Consider your face shape

When searching for new glasses to wear with a hijab, it’s also important to decide whether they complement your face shape.

If you wear glasses and have a round or oval face, you’ll want to go for a more angular design to add length to your features, ideally a square or rectangular shape. Likewise, for those with a square-shaped face, you can add contrast with an oval or round frame which will gently soften your features. Individuals with an oblong face should try wider glasses like a boxy square shape or Wayfarer. Meanwhile, if your face is diamond or triangular, go for a classic Clubmaster or cat-eye. Designs like these have a prominent browline which will add width to your forehead and balance your features well. As for people with a heart-shaped face, you should try a pilot-style frame or a pair of Wayfarers. Aviator glasses, especially designs with round lenses, will draw less attention to your chin and complement the shape of your face. Wayfarer glasses with their winged corners will help to balance your features.

Find a colour to match your skin tone

When choosing the right colour glasses to wear with your hijab, you should consider your skin tone. Look in the mirror to see whether you have a warm or cool complexion. If you have a warm skin colour, it will have yellow or golden undertones. Meanwhile, if your skin has a pink or blue cast, it’s a cool tone. People with a warm skin tone will naturally suit lighter colours like pale pink and peach or metal frames that are gold. Meanwhile, individuals with cooler complexions will suit darker colours like blackblue and silver. If you’re not sure what to go for, versatile colours and patterns like ombre and tortoiseshell will generally suit everyone because of their mix of tones. As a general rule, you should just try to go for shades that suit your natural colouring.

Just remember, there are no set style rules for you have to follow. If you want to choose a pair of glasses that don’t naturally complement your skin tone, then feel free to do so. It’s best for you to express your unique style in a way that is comfortable for you.

How to match your glasses with your hijab?

Deciding which hijab to wear and what glasses will go well can seem like a bit of a tricky task, especially when you have the rest of your wardrobe to bear in mind as well. But don’t worry, just think of it in the same way as choosing the rest of your accessories. Make sure they match your aesthetic and complement your natural sense of style. There are various different colours and patterns to choose from but once you know what styles you like and which suit you, you’ll soon know what to look out for!

Our best advice and a simple tip to keep in mind is to make sure you contrast a lighter-coloured hijab with dark glasses and brighten darker fabrics with more vibrant colours. If your hijab has a bold pattern, try to avoid glasses that alternate as they will clash. Instead, match the pattern of your glasses with the hijab.

We have handpicked a variety of frames that are fashionable and look fantastic with a hijab. Which is your favourite?

Join the floral frenzy!

Floral prints are trendy and ideal for every season. Add a touch of vibrancy to your look with this eye-catching design by Scout. A pair of bold frames can really elevate your style. Wear a simple hijab with minimal detailing in a neutral colour like olive green or beige. This will allow the bold floral print to really stand out. You can also make the colour pop by wearing a chic floral blouse or jacket to match your glasses. When paired with darker colours, Frida will add the perfect playful edge to your evening wear.

Enjoy some metal mania!

Sleek metal frames are loved for their versatility and ability to complement a variety of different outfits. Choose an elegant cat-eye with a simple and subtle design you can easily dress up or down whatever the occasion! The winged corners will draw focus to your features. The added bonus of choosing a minimal metal frame is that you can easily alternate your style of hijab for different occasions.

Try a trendy tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell suits a majority of different skin tones and it’s unbelievably trendy at the moment. We have a whole range of different colours and contemporary alternatives for you to choose from too. That way you don’t have to stick to the traditional brown-and-black aesthetic if you want a colourful alternative for more casual events. Due to the fact that tortoiseshell is often bold, it’s best to make sure your hijab is a neutral colour.

Wear retro round frames

Look chic and sophisticated in a simple pair of round acetate frames. Round glasses will draw attention to your eyes. The transparent colour of this Ted Baker frame is very neutral and so can complement a brighter-coloured hijab very well. You can also pair it with a material of a similar colour for a more toned-down look.

Try a lightweight rimless frame

Rimless frames are ideal for people who are not keen on big, bulky designs. They are light on your face and are an excellent option if you wear your glasses under your hijab as they are less likely to cause irritation. The lack of a rim around the lenses also means your view is clear and won’t be obstructed. It’s almost like not wearing glasses at all! This design we have selected by Finelight even has a stylish decorative detail at the sides for subtle style.