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What are the most flattering glasses for big noses?

29 Jan 2024

The right pair of glasses should complement your unique features in a way that makes you feel stylish and confident. It can be challenging to find glasses for big noses, but there are tons of appropriate styles to choose from. A majority of eyewear is expertly crafted to suit a variety of facial features. Designers put a lot of time and effort into creating pieces that are comfortable for all wearers.

How do you find suitable glasses for big noses?

As with any noticeable facial features, when it comes to trying to decide what glasses are best for big noses, it can be challenging to choose from such a vast range of trendy designs. Where do you even start, right? However, it’s easy enough to find something that will suit you once you know what to look out for.

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Find out your face shape

When shopping for new glasses, you’ll first want to consider your face shape. This is a great foundation to work from and will help to narrow down your search for new eyewear. See which shapes suit the shape of your face.

Choose a frame that fits just right

Once you have an idea of what shape your face is and which glasses suit it, you will then want to think about frame size. Ideally, you don’t want the frame to be too big or too small for your face. Poor-fitting glasses are very unflattering and can over-emphasise your more prominent features. Preferably, you need a flattering pair of glasses that provide a reliable and comfortable fit. We have a variety of different-sized frames for you to pick from. The general rule is that the frame should not sit above your eyebrows or be wider than your face unless you’re purposefully going for an overstated look. Most importantly, your frame must also align correctly with your eyes and not slip off your face. This will ensure a comfortable fit and a clear visual experience.

Our Best Fit Machine is a handy tool that will help you find the ideal fit based on your existing frame size. Simply look for your measurements which should be inscribed on the inside of the temples within your current glasses. Once you find these details, you can browse a range of suitable options.

If you’re worried about the fit and want to try them on at home first, our free Home Trial is a great way to size up your favourite styles before buying them.

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How can I measure my face for glasses?

When looking for glasses that will fit a big nose, it’s a good idea to measure your face first. Check the width of your face and nose bridge and also the length of your temples. Make an accurate measurement in millimetres using a ruler. This will tell you which lens widthbridge width and temple length to choose for your new glasses. You can find out how to do this in our guide to finding sunglasses for small faces.

Once you’ve measured your face, simply compare the measurements with the details referenced just below each product on our site to see whether the glasses you’ve chosen are a good fit. Simply scroll down to find the measurements you need.

The best glasses for people with big noses

After deciding what glasses suit your face and what size frame is appropriate, you can then browse your favourite styles in a much smoother way. It’s now time to focus on considering designs and special features of glasses that will make your nose appear smaller.

Oversized black flay-lay frames

Choose an oversized frame

If you have a bigger nose, it’s a good idea to go for thicker and larger frames. This is a great way to disguise such a noticeable feature and distract the attention away. Thicker frames often require more material and are therefore very robust. Plus, our metal and acetate frames are exceptionally lightweight so you can comfortably wear this on-trend style all-day long without having to worry about any irritation or discomfort.

Consider the bridge shape

The bridge of your glasses strengthens the frame and supports its weight. Depending on which design you go for, the nose bridge can change the way your glasses rest on your face.

Close-up of bridge shape of a pair of frames

Saddle bridge

The most common nose bridge design for plastic frames is the saddle bridge. It offers a snug fit with no gap at the top and is designed to distribute the weight of your glasses across the sides and the top of your nose rather than focusing on specific areas. While a saddle bridge is comfortable and requires less maintenance because of its static nature, people with big noses should avoid this style where possible because it will likely be too tight. This will cause discomfort and make your nose appear larger than it is. If you do decide to go for a snugger fit, then try to go for a saddle bridge that is much wider, ideally 18 millimetres or above, also integrated nose pads will provide an ideal amount of padding. This will of course depend on the width of your nose bridge and what fits you best. If your nose is still fairly narrow or flat at the top, then a saddle bridge will fit nicely without making the bottom of your nose look too big.

Close-up of a keyhole bridge of a pair of frames

Keyhole bridge

A keyhole bridge gives you a little more wiggle room. Shaped like a traditional keyhole in a door, this design spreads the weight to the sides of your nose rather than at the top. This has the benefit of preventing pressure at the top of your nose which is ideal if you have an active lifestyle and your glasses move around on your face a lot. It is also a good option for people with wider noses because it provides a gap at the top and therefore gives you more space. A keyhole bridge will cause your glasses to naturally rest lower on your face which is convenient if you have noticed that glasses with saddle bridges force your eyes to sit lower than the centre of the lens.

Pair of frames showing their adjustable nose pads

Adjustable nose pads

Most commonly found on metal glasses, rubber nose pads have a gentle feel and can be adjusted for a more personalised fit whatever the shape or size of your nose. They are a great advantage for people with big noses because no matter your bridge width, they still provide excellent support and a reliable fit. Depending on how often you use them, they may need adjusting from time to time. Luckily, they are fairly easy to adjust yourself.

Pair of large, rectangular Harrington Sport black frames

Comfort fit

Most commonly a feature of sports prescription glasses made of plastic, including innovative brands like Oakley and Harrington Sport, comfort-fit nose pads made of silicone offer a secure grip. They are designed to mould to the shape of your nose which prevents the frames from slipping down, keeping them in place and making sure they are correctly aligned with your eyes.

2 pairs of frames balancing on tp of each other, one black and one tortoiseshell

Decide on a suitable colour

Black and tortoiseshell frames are very striking styles without being too out there. They both make excellent choices for people with bigger noses because they will naturally pull the focus to your eyes. You can also minimise the appearance of your nose by selecting frames with contrasting temples or eye-catching design details on the side. This again will become the main focal point and distract attention away from the size of your nose. If you do opt for brighter colours, make sure they are not too vibrant and are fairly toned down. Try a dark red or a midnight blue perhaps.

4 pairs of different shaped frames

Pick a flattering shape

The best glasses shape for a big nose is any classic angular style, specifically squarerectangularWayfarerssquared-off Aviators and cat-eye frames. They tend to have sharper angles which draw the focus away from a big nose. Large semi-rimless framesgeometric designs and Clubmaster glasses will also have the same impact and help to pull the attention upwards away from a wider nose.

What glasses are best for big noses?

We have carefully handpicked a range of fashionable glasses styles for larger noses. Browse this selection and find a frame that suits you.

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