Four colourful glasses frames spread out across a white table

Dopamine-dressing: boosting your mood with colours

19 Mar 2024

Dopamine-dressing is a huge trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. After all, people now seek a sense of optimism and the chance to live life to the fullest without any restrictions. Inviting vibrant colours into your wardrobe makes a real statement to those around you. It can even enhance your mood and boost your confidence. Fashion is also a great way to brighten other people’s day.

Go all-out and be daring by contrasting a variety of different eye-catching and colourful clothes, or keep things simple and choose a variety of brightly coloured accessories to liven up your look. This is where glasses or sunglasses come in! Brightly coloured frames will add a vivid edge to your more refined and toned-down outfits. Be bold and catch attention with your eyewear. When it comes to choosing frames, there are a whole range of playful patterns, bright colours, eye-catching shapes and quirky designs to choose from.

A light and a dark blue glasses frame lying on a cream surface

What is Dopamine-dressing?

Dopamine-dressing is the idea that by including vibrant colours and bold prints into your wardrobe, you can stimulate a positive psychological effect which in turn will encourage the release of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked to joy and pleasure. The theory is that by dressing in brightly-coloured clothing and accessories, you can impact your frame of mind and as a result, achieve a sense of positivity. It is similar in many ways to the concept of colour therapy. Different colours often remind us of certain emotions or expressions. For example, the idiomatic phrase ‘feeling blue’ which is used to explain feelings of sadness. Meanwhile, the phrase ‘golden opportunity’ has a positive connotation. There are lots of different examples of this.

Dopamine-dressing with glasses and sunglasses

This is your opportunity to experiment with colourful and distinctive eyewear. With such a vast range of options available, you will be totally spoilt for choice!

Three frames ranging from pale yellow to orange to gold lying on a white table next to a yellow pillar
Scout Hallie, The Collection Eliza and Scout Gabriella

Stay mellow, wear yellow

Bright yellow reminds us of sunshine and also creates feelings of happiness. As the most visible colour, it is very attention-grabbing and is often used for traffic signs and to signify important safety information. It is thought that golden shades of yellow have the ability to heal the body and mind, capable of improving your metabolism and alleviating depression. Wearing yellow can help balance your emotions when you are feeling burnt-out, anxious, muddled, or unable to make decisions. Yellow naturally radiates a sense of joyfulness. It lets other people know that you are an energetic, approachable, courageous, intelligent, organised and practical person. Bring some positive yellow vibes into your wardrobe with these eye-catching yellow and golden frames.

Feel positive, think pink

Pink symbolises hope and friendship. It also inspires feelings of comfort, creativity and relaxation. The colour pink is more traditionally associated with romance and femininity. Meanwhile, vibrant pink hues are thought to boost your energy and stimulate heart rate as well as blood pressure. The meaning varies according to the shade of pink you go for. For example, subtler pink colours are seen as gentle and tranquil, whilst a hot pink could be seen as playful and confident.

Pink is also the colour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People wear a pink ribbon to show their support for those impacted by breast cancer. Glasses Direct actually has its own stylish Pink Ribbon range. And for every frame sold, £2 is donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Make pink part of your look this 2024.

A light pink frame with tortoiseshell arms with a dark gradient pink frame leaning against it
Pink Ribbon Peony and kate spade new york Magrigal/G

Embrace all the colours of the rainbow

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not go for a pair of rainbow or multi-coloured glasses? Visually speaking, the colours of the rainbow are highly stimulating. They create a connection between heaven and earth. Rainbows also evoke feelings of childhood joy and wonderment. Wearing glasses that come in a combination of colours suggests you are approachable, open-minded and friendly.

The rainbow was adopted by the LBGTQ+ community to celebrate their diversity and show pride. Our own Pride Collection is inspired by the positivity and determination of the community. Every frame comes in mesmerising rainbow colours and for each one sold, we also donate £2 to an anti-abuse charity that works with and for LGBTQ+ victims and survivors of abuse and violence in the UK.

Take a look at these bright and stylish frames which we have carefully selected from our range. Invite all the colours of the rainbow into your wardrobe or go for a vivid and contemporary design.

Heal your soul with green

The colour green is very therapeutic. It represents nature, agriculture, rebirth, balance and harmony. It is believed to be capable of relieving fear, stress, anxiety and depression. Despite this, green has both positive and negative connotations from good fortune and wealth to being green with envy. However, overall the colour green is appreciated for its calming effect. It is the most relaxing colour for the human eye to view. Imagine being surrounded by nature, smelling the lush green fields and listening to the leaves flutter in the wind. The colour enhances the feeling of peacefulness and clarity. Wearing the colour green can indicate that you are generous, confident, cool, calm and also very logical. We have carefully selected two vibrant green frames that we think you will absolutely love.

Two green frames lying on a white table facing each other
Ray-Ban RB0298V and Scout Elijah

Dress with confidence in a bold blue

As one of the primary colours, blue evokes a sense of serenity. This is despite the negative connotations linked to feeling blue (or down). Rather, more positively, it is capable of relaxing us and makes us think of bright blue skies and tranquil slow-moving water. The colour blue is spiritual, connecting us to the oceans and heaven. It is also linked to productivity, stability and creativity. This colour is believed to be able to relieve headaches, depression, insomnia and also inflammatory diseases. By wearing blue, you are letting others know that you are a loyal, calm and trustworthy person. Lighter blues are linked to innocence, hence the term ‘baby blue’ which is commonly used to describe a very pale shade. Therefore, lighter blues will give you a natural youthful glow. Take a look at these fashionable blue designs.

Feel like a film star in radiant red

Red symbolises passion, warmth, courage and determination. It is probably one of the most contradictory colours as it is linked to very conflicting emotions from love to anger. Nevertheless, this invigorating and powerful colour can give you a sense of energy, help you to fight disease, stimulate low blood pressure, increase heart rate and improve poor circulation. In colour therapy, red is thought to eliminate negative emotions and release anger. The only exception is people with anxiety and high blood pressure who should really avoid it because it is thought to cause energy levels to spike which can aggravate your symptoms.

Interestingly, red is often used tactically by fast food chains because it stimulates appetite. It also attracts attention because it is such an eye-catching shade. This is why the colour red is commonly used for stop signs and fire engines. By incorporating it into your wardrobe, you can show off your confidence, ambition, sense of leadership and also your spontaneity. It is perfect for every occasion from work to date night! We have carefully handpicked some of our most stylish red frames. So, go ahead and roll out the red carpet for these stunning show-stoppers!

Two red glasses frames made of plastic lying on top of elevated white pedestals
The Collection Clara and Polaroid PLD D504

Can sunglasses tints affect your mood as well?

Yes, the colour of your sunglasses lenses is also thought to impact your mood. However, coloured sunglasses tints are appreciated more for their functionality rather than their ability to make a style statement. This is the reason why people traditionally go for common brown or grey lenses for general-purpose use, as recommended by their optometrist. Despite this, coloured tints have become increasing more fashionable and are a great way to reflect your mood. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could mix and match frame colours with your tints for a striking and playful look.

How to incorporate colour into your wardrobe

What colours do you associate with positivity? Remember, everyone responds differently depending on their unique characteristics and previous associations with a specific colour. How we interpret colour is not necessarily a universal experience. Cultural and personal experiences both also play a role and can impact the way you feel about certain colours. So, if there is a colour you love to wear that makes you feel good, why not go ahead and pick out some accessories and clothing in this tone? Feel confident and celebrate your uniqueness.