Glasses trends spring 2024: top 10 styles of the season

22 Mar 2024

It is time to revamp your wardrobe and look forward to brighter days. Spring has sprung! A new season is here. And while you might not be ready to ditch the knitted cardigan and your favourite comfies just yet, glasses and accessories are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe in spring 2024. Discover which designs are dominating the runways and explore all the must-haves this season.

What are the glasses trends for spring 2024?

Every season brings a new wave of fashion trends which are brought to the spotlight on the catwalk. Eyewear is also constantly evolving with new designs to elevate your style ready and waiting. Regardless of whether you use your glasses for practical reasons or you love to make a style statement, it is always good to know what is trending. So what is popular in spring 2024? Well, in this post, we reveal the styles trendsetters simply cannot get enough of this year.

Classic retro reborn

Vintage-style oversized glasses inspired by 70s fashion are a real hit this spring and a top choice for designers and fashionistas. Turn back the clock and create a timeless look with these old-school classics. Aviator glasses and extra-large square frames with a thin metal or chunky acetate silhouette will create this bold look. Make the ultimate statement whether you are looking stylish at work or catching up with your close friends.

Scout Calina

Vivid and vibrant colours

Brightly-coloured frames are probably one of the hottest fashion trends this year. Not only are they a real mood-booster, but come rain or shine, they also brighten up your wardrobe! Pair vibrant colours with equally vivid clothing for a modern, confident look. Or, liven up darker tones like black and grey. Put a spring in your step this season!

Wild and wacky prints

Tortoiseshell glasses are a versatile and stylish option for those who are always on the go. Statement prints are a contemporary alternative. Unleash your quirky side with eye-catching florals, attention-grabbing animal prints and daring designs that add an extraordinary edge to your look.

Scout Alex

Colour gradient frames

Why restrict yourself to just one colour? Ombre glasses are super-chic and fade from one colour to another. Typically, the bottom is lighter or even transparent. This draws the focus up to your eyes. These style of glasses are soaring to success and continue to be a strong trend leading up to autumn this year.

Join the metal mania

Metal frames have always been a popular choice because of their reliable and functional style. Yet, in 2024, designers are beginning to be more creative with their designs, blending sleek metal with other prints and materials. This adds volume to the design and makes them stand out even more.

London Retro Radley

What glasses will you be wearing this spring? Let us know which colours and designs are catching your eye this season. Share your photos with us on Instagram and inspire others. Simply tag @‌glasses_direct and #myglassesmyway.