Woman in a bikini wearing sunglasses and lying next to a swimming pool

The 10 best sunglasses to pack this bank holiday

30 Apr 2024

Are you excited for the long weekend coming up? If you have planned a day out or a minibreak over the bank holiday, you will want to make sure you are fully prepared for the journey. Whether you are visiting an idyllic seaside town, relaxing in the countryside, jetting off aboard, or simply embracing your inner city slicker, we have some of the most fashionable sunglasses for you to take with you on your travels!

A beach bag, a sun hat and two pairs of sunglasses lying in the sand on a beach

Enjoy the sun, sea and sand!

If you plan to escape for a chilled-out coastal break, then you will need a trendy pair of sunglasses to take with you. Relax and look stylish beside the seaside. Just remember to always take caution and stay safe in the sun. Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen, keep hydrated and take breaks from the sun by stepping into the shade when you need to. Unwind on the sandy beach whilst watching the passers-by in these two fashionable pairs.

A group of four friends and their small dog enjoying a picnic outdoors

Time for a get-together?

Whether it is brunch or just a casual catch-up with friends, your sunglasses are the perfect way to show off your sense of style and welcome plenty of compliments. Feel confident in these trendsetting sunglasses which strike the perfect balance between functional and fashionable style.

Sun setting over the Dorset countryside

Unwind in the countryside

Enjoy the luxury of a glamping getaway and unwind surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature. Or, if you are more of an active nature lover, why not pop on your hiking boots and explore the wonders of the great outdoors? Not forgetting your favourite pair of sunglasses, of course!

A man in sunglasses pausing on the side of the road during a motorbike ride across the countryside

Time to jet off somewhere new!

For all you jetsetters out there ready to conquer another stunning destination on your map of must-see travel destinations, make sure you pack a pair of sunglasses in that bag or suitcase of yours!

A smiling woman wearing sunglasses in front of the Eiffel tower

Are you a city-person with a love of fashion?

If you are planning to explore famous sights in your favourite metropolis or you are keeping busy in the city over the bank holiday, you will need a versatile pair of Premium Designer sunglasses to keep you looking stylish when you are on the move. We have handpicked some of our latest luxury frames which we are sure will be your next must-have city styles.

Top tips on how to pack sunglasses

Travelling or a planning day trip is often an exciting prospect. However, the dreaded chore of packing your bags always inevitably comes beforehand. Everyone has their own strategy. Some individuals create a comprehensive list of must-have travel items and essentials. Others are more spontaneous and leave everything to the last minute. Which of these scenarios sounds more like you? Whichever you are, you definitely won’t want to forget anything – especially your charger, headphones and of course, your sunglasses!

Packing your sunglasses is so important for your eye health, especially if you need prescription eyewear to see clearly and navigate your surroundings. The last thing you want is getting lost in an unfamiliar location! Your sunglasses also protect your eyes from UV rays and help prevent long-term damage to your sight. When travelling, you also want to ensure you keep your sunglasses safe so they are not damaged on your travels. That is why it is so essential that you pack them carefully and securely. Check out our top tips below.

Put your sunglasses in your carry-on bag

Make sure your main pair of sunglasses are always accessible to you. In an airport, you often cannot control how your luggage is handled. At least if your sunglasses are in your hand luggage, you have full control over keeping them safe. Besides which, they will always be available if you need them when getting on and off the plane. More importantly, you will have them when you arrive at the hotel and want to head straight out to explore before unpacking.

Pack your sunglasses properly

To stop your sunglasses getting scratched or damaged when on the move we suggest that you pack them in a hard case, especially if you have a lot of luggage. If you are packing light, a soft case will still protect them and makes a great alternative because it takes up less room in your luggage and is very lightweight. Plus, you can easily slip it in the front pocket of your bag for safety and easy access. Yet, you should take care not to pile other items on top of the soft case when it is stored in your bag, otherwise your sunglasses may get crushed. Equally, to prevent breakages you should avoid simply throwing your sunglasses in your bag without a case at all.

Bring a second pair

Having a back-up pair of sunglasses will mean that if you misplace or damage your original pair, you will at least have an alternative to get you through your trip. Our 2-for-1 ranges are an affordable way to invest in two pairs of sunglasses.

Pack repair and cleaning supplies

Having a repair kit handy is ideal in emergencies if you need to fix or adjust your sunglasses for any reason. You can buy these online and patch up your glasses in no time. You will also want to ensure that you have a cleaning kit when you are on the move. This should include an appropriate cleaning cloth and lens cleaner to spruce up your sunglasses. For advice on aftercare, visit our guide.

Try light adaptive lenses

Photochromic lenses are very convenient when you are traveling because they adapt to changing light. They transform from a pair of clear glasses indoors to sunglasses when in bright sunlight. This is a convenient solution and means you can avoid switching between your glasses and sunglasses all day and instead focus on admiring the beautiful sites.

Have your prescription handy

It always helps to know your latest prescription, just in case you completely forget to pack or somehow manage to damage both your main and emergency pair of sunglasses during your trip. Keep a digital copy on your phone if it is easier!