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Celebrate World Earth Day with our eco-friendly glasses

22 Apr 2024

World Earth Day is a yearly event held on 22nd April. It celebrates the environmental movement and promotes the need to protect the future of our planet. This is a matter that we care very deeply about at Glasses Direct. We currently have several different initiatives that are helping us to become more eco-conscious, from our packaging to our eco-friendly product ranges.

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Arden is our sustainable eyewear brand. Our Arden frames are crafted from recyclable materials. We also have several eco-friendly designer options which include stylish frames from brands like Ben Sherman, Levi’s® and Polaroid. All of these options are also available as part of our 2-for-1 collections, which therefore means that you can pick any frame you like and get a second free!

In order to mark World Earth Day, we’ve selected our favourite eco-friendly glasses. Browse this collection and find a style to suit you!

Have you seen our eco-friendly packaging?

Our environmentally friendly packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials. This includes our new sustainable soft glasses cases which are eco-friendly, lightweight and easy to carry around.

World Earth Day gives us a chance to reflect on all the positive steps we can take toward a bright and positive future. At Glasses Direct, we’re constantly seeking ways that we can become more eco-conscious.

Sustainable, eco-friendly Hart, Arden and GD pouches with a pair of glasses next to them