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Top 10 futuristic glasses for the ultimate sci-fi look

2 Nov 2023

Nothing beats the escapism of science fiction. It allows you to retreat into the cinematic universe for a surreal experience that makes it feel as though you have landed on another planet. Sci-fi is a genre that has inspired many generations from the bohemians of the 1960s to the glam rockers of the 1980s. The trend innovators of today continue to create avant-garde fashion designs fuelled by the unwavering love of science-fiction films and television series.

We’ve taken inspiration from this fantastic theme and decided to create a style edit of our own. Futuristic fashion is making a comeback and we are really excited to share some of our favourite designs with you!


Oakley is a designer sports brand admired for its innovative fashion designs. Coupler has a striking appearance that will make you look like you have travelled directly from the future. We selected this particular frame for its stand-out style which is influenced by modern culture. It appears almost to float on your face thanks to the contemporary semi-rimless design. Coupler is specifically created for individuals with an active lifestyle. Lightweight and comfortable, it’s also perfect for those who want to achieve an outstanding sci-fi look!


Dramatic cat-eye frame shapes are constantly evolving. As a modernised alternative to traditional styles, cat-eye glasses with exaggerated corners dominate the runways and are loved for their unique charm and playful style. Gretchen from Aspire is an elegant frame with a trendy aesthetic that is other-worldly


This Ray-Ban® frame is sleek and fashionable. It has adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fit. The semi-rimless design and refined style give it an eye-catching appearance. The frame reminds us in many ways of the sunglasses famously worn by characters of The Matrix.


Joy is part of our Pride Collection. This bright and trendy frame makes a bold statement and symbolises positivity and strength. The rainbow and gold aesthetic gives it a fresh and vibrant edge that is highly fashionable.


As with many of the latest designs, London Retro takes a classic Aviator frame and gives it a fresh makeover. Gants is an updated version of this retro style. Crafted from brightly coloured acetate, the top bar subtly blends with the large lenses for an eye-catching finish.


We are totally over the moon with this design! As part of our exclusive collection, Daly is a trendsetting geometric frame. It has a distinctive look with a top bar and a glossy metal silhouette that is chic and fashionable. The frame blends a number of classic designs for a contemporary look.


As part of our rimless Finelight range, Imperial is a slim rectangular frame. This on-trend design is subtle and stylish. The simplicity of the frame gives it a futuristic look that is totally out of this world!


Our New Balance glasses are stylish and practical. This particular clear sporty frame will help you to achieve an ultra-modern look. Transparent frames are versatile and very trendy. They have a naturally cool look about them.


Harmony by Scout is a refined design that comes in a transparent pastel colour. It is up-to-the-minute and has a real sci-fi vibe. This cutting-edge design will add a subtle mystical edge to your wardrobe.


This funky frame by Dolce and Gabbana has an eye-catching design and aesthetic. Crafted from acetate, its future-forward design will add a bold and confident edge to your look. The brand initials and elaborate metal detail along the temples gives it a distinctly premium feel.

Do you love sci-fi movies? If so, why not inspire your look with a pair of trendsetting glasses? Turn heads with your fresh new look and set your own trends. Share your pictures with us on Instagram by tagging @‌glasses_direct and #myglassesmyway.