Couple on a date in a restaurant with the man wearing a pair of glasses

Top 6 reasons why you should wear glasses on a date

8 Feb 2024

This February 14th, get ready to impress your Valentine by wearing your favourite glasses on a date. They are the perfect accessory and will make you look very attractive and fashionable. We understand that it can be nerve-racking trying to decide what to wear on a date especially if you are a glasses wearer. While you might be tempted to put on a pair of contact lenses, we have got plenty of excellent reasons why glasses are the perfect accessory. Get ready to charm your date and show off your best self with our top style tips this Valentine’s Day.

Showcase your sense of style

Lots of people wear glasses for a variety of different reasons. They can be used to view computer screens, read books and also see multiple distances. Not only are they practical, but glasses also naturally elevate your wardrobe and add a touch of sophistication to your style. Your choice of glasses reveals a lot about your personality through the colours and brands you choose. Bright colours suggest a bubbly and fun persona, while darker tones add a refined and enigmatic edge to your trendy attire. Glasses can make you look younger, more presentable and even mysterious.

Consider what is practical for your lifestyle and also what fashion designs you normally go for. If you are a retro lover at heart, try a chic yet sassy cat-eye frame or classic circular design. For an understated yet contemporary look, metal glasses are ideal. Fitness enthusiasts should try fun and sporty designs like Oakley and New Balance. Meanwhile, if you are a fashion guru who loves designer brands, you can show off your sense of style with a pair of Premium Designer glasses. After all, it could be a good talking point on your date!

Female wearing a pair of round tortoiseshell glasses

Complement your natural look

Ideally, you will want to make sure your glasses suit you, especially your face shape and skin tone. If, for example, you have a round face, you should try more angular shapes like square and rectangular frames. Meanwhile, people with square faces will naturally suit oval and round designs. As for your skin tone, if you have a warm complexion you can highlight your natural glow with colours like goldbrownred and yellow. Individuals with a cool complexion are best complemented by silvergreen and blue tones.

Make your eyes the centre of attention

Eye contact is key. If you want to show your date you are interested in what they are talking about and that you are attracted to them, your eyes are a great way to convey this. The right pair of glasses will bring out the colour of your eyes. If you have baby blues, go for blue, silver and grey tones. These colours will make your eyes pop. Meanwhile, people with brown, hazel or green eyes naturally suit glimmering gold and earthy tones like brown and tortoiseshell. Though there are no strict rules, these are great guidelines to follow and are worth considering when deciding what glasses to wear on your date.

Female wearing a pair of metal round glasses smiling

Accentuate your intelligence

People who wear glasses are perceived as intelligent. In 2018, Scrivens Opticians and Hearing Care surveyed 2,000 adults and found that one-third of respondents thought glasses wearers looked more intellectual than those who do not wear prescription eyewear.

Since long ago, glasses have been recognised as a symbol of wisdom, from the myths of wizards to the stereotypical way in which scholars are presented in books and films. This at first led to glasses being seen as nerdy, awkward and untrendy. However, there has since been a massive cultural shift towards glasses which are now seen as stylish and glamorous. Even people without a prescription choose to wear them as fashion accessories! Impress your date by wearing sophisticated eyewear this Valentine’s Day. Glasses have risen in popularity and a lot of this is because of iconic fictional characters like Clark Kent and New Girl’s Jess Day. Plus, so many celebrities are spotted wearing the latest designer glasses. This has resulted in there being a supply of lots of different shapes and styles to suit a whole variety of tastes and budgets.

Come across as friendly and approachable

On a date, you will want to present the best image of yourself to the other person. By wearing glasses, you will come across as more approachable and can potentially make the other person feel more relaxed around you. In the study mentioned above, a fifth of the 2,000 adults surveyed believe those who wear glasses look more trustworthy. Make your Valentine’s date feel at ease and ready to open up to you. Avoid any awkward silences and get to know the real them a lot better!

Male wearing a pair of grey round glasses

Show off your confidence

Glasses can give you a real sense of self-confidence. Show your Valentine’s date that you are proud of who you are. Glasses are part of your identity after all and fingers crossed, if the first or second date goes well, you will probably be seeing a lot more of that person in the future! It is certainly a good way to make the right impression and gives you the chance to reveal something more about yourself early on. It’s a real icebreaker and a great talking point too!

Best glasses to wear on a date

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