How will I know which glasses will suit me?

21 Aug 2023

Not sure which frames will suit you best? Deciding on the perfect pair of prescription glasses can seem like a bit of a daunting task at first. But once you know what to look out for, it is so easy! Consider shapes and styles that highlight your best features, complement your wardrobe and showcase your unique sense of style. We have some helpful tips that will make sure you find the right pair in no time!

We understand that choosing new glasses can be a big decision, especially if this is your first time buying a pair online, or you haven’t purchased glasses for a long while. Don’t worry though, it’s really simple!

Select a pair of glasses that suits your face shape

Our face shape guide is a very helpful tool for you to use. Once you know what shape your face is, you’ll then be able to decipher which frame shapes will suit you best. This is an important tip to take note of because a pair of glasses that really suits you will ultimately complement your best features well and not overcrowd your face.

Match your eyewear to your skin tone

Once you know your natural colouring, you’ll be able to find glasses that work well with your skin tone. This is essential because you want to ensure the colour brightens your complexion and avoids making you appear washed out.

One way to find out your skin tone is by getting a piece of gold and silver jewellery. Hold them up next to your face in bright light. If the gold brightens and enhances your complexion, you have a warm undertone. If the silver complements your skin tone more, you have cool undertones.

For people with a pale, warm skin tone, soft pink, khaki green and chocolate brown will suit you best. Meanwhile, if you have a pale, cool complexion your best option is light purple, pearly white and other light colours which will call attention to your best features. Stay away from honey and very bright green.

For a medium, warm skin tone, you’re best suited to tortoiseshell and dark brown. As an alternative, you can contrast your complexion well with brighter colours. Meanwhile, if you’re someone with a medium, cool tone then your best bet is a bluey green, navy blue or cherry red.

People with dark, warm skin tones will look great in dark brown, tortoiseshell or bright colours like orange and yellow. Finally, cool, dark complexions can be brightened up with a pair of black, navy, forest green or bright purple glasses.

Warm tones

Cool tones

Choose frames that bring out the colour of your eyes

When it comes to finding glasses that suit you, an important feature to consider is your eye colour. Ideally, you want your eyes to pop and the best way to do this is by framing them with the perfect colour.

Blue eyes are naturally complemented by blue, silver and grey tones. So go ahead and let those baby blues shine! Meanwhile, dark tortoiseshell, brown or black frames will give you a more refined look. If you’re feeling a little more daring, go for brighter tones like orange and red which make a stylish contrast.

Brown and hazel eyes are accentuated by warmer tones, especially earthy colours like brown and green. A tortoiseshell frame will also blend extraordinarily well. Meanwhile, if you have hazel eyes with golden specks, a shiny gold tone will bring out those details. Alternatively, if you want frames that make your eyes pop, then try a bright purple or blue. Classic black frames, meanwhile, will frame your eyes perfectly and give you a highly professional look.

Green eyes work nicely with earthy brown, Havana, clear and gold tones. Also, contrasting colours like pale pink, blue or violet will give you a trendier, more confident look.

Grey or frosted blue eyes look great with subtle pastel colours and bright, two-toned or patterned frames. Black, dark blue, burgundy and deep purple will also make your eyes stand out perfectly!

Find glasses to complement your hair colour

Another important aspect to consider is your hair colour. You need to make sure you’re giving your hair the opportunity to shine! After all, you want your outfit and glasses to complement your style and not clash with your hair colour.

Light brown hair and a cool complexion will suit cherry red, bronze, cool green and purple frames. Black and tortoiseshell glasses also work exceptionally well and are an excellent choice for brunettes. Try to avoid pale colours like cream, grey or pastel. Meanwhile, if you have brown hair and warm undertones, you’ll want to choose glasses with metallic gold accents, as well as bright orange, forest green, creamy white and light tortoiseshell hues.

Dark brown hair will look great with metal frames especially lighter colours like gold, bronze and silver. Black, khaki and dark tortoiseshell are also brilliant options and will suit your colouring perfectly. You should try to avoid pastel colours and very bulky, dark frames which are unflattering.

Black hair is probably one of the most versatile hair colours. A classic black, gunmetal or dark tortoiseshell frame will blend in well. If you’re dark-haired with a warm complexion then you will want to go for a hot pink, lime green or bright yellow. If your tone is cooler, then you’ll suit dark green, deep purple and glasses with intricate silver detailing. Try to avoid paler tones as they will contrast too much with your dark hair.

Blonde hair and a cool complexion are complemented best by grey, dark tortoiseshell, blue, purple and pink tones. Avoid gold or yellow frames as these will make you look washed out. If you have a warmer skin tone and blonde hair, try a bright red, light tortoiseshell or khaki green. Stay away from light blue and pale pink.

Red hair has a naturally warm tone so you’re best suited to richer colours like reddish brown, dark tortoiseshell, gold, copper and dark red. Red hair that is fairer, meanwhile, can be complemented with dark blue, green and black frames. Stay away from ashy or yellow hues like white and beige as these will contrast too much. If you want your look to be a little more daring, then choose bold colours like vibrant red, yellow and blue to help you stand out.

Grey hair, whether light or dark, can be given a youthful edge with just a splash of bright colour, specifically vibrant blue, purple, khaki or cherry red. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something simple to suit your style then a black or tortoiseshell frame is also a great choice for people with silver hair. These darker-coloured frames will give you a smart and distinguished look. We also recommend that you avoid yellow, gold, dark grey and beige frames as they will dull your tone and draw attention away from your features. You should also try to avoid rimless frames as these will age you significantly.

Order our free Home Trial

Try on up to four frames with our free Home Trial. If you order before 5pm, it will arrive at your door the next day. You’ll have up to 7 days to get a feel for the design and fit of each frame. Wear them with some of your favourite outfits and get an idea of what your family and friends think. You’ll have plenty of time to make a decision! You can order as many Home Trials as you like after that, so if you’re still unsure, you can try some other frames on for size after returning the previous Home Trial. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be able to order your new glasses online.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide between our numerous shapes and styles, try our free Home Trial packs which include a range of four popular pre-selected frames. Feel free to switch any of the frames if there is an alternative option that catches your eye.

Choose a similar style to your previous pair

Perhaps you have a specific style or brand that you usually go for and you want something similar this time. If that’s the case, your best bet is to browse our full range of prescription glasses and narrow down your search according to your preferences. Refine the filters by brand, shape, size, colour, price range, gender, frame type and material. We’re sure you’ll find something suitable and even if you’re having difficulties locating the exact pair you’re looking for, we’re constantly updating our product range, so there’s guaranteed to be something very similar that you’ll absolutely love.

Find frames that fit you perfectly

Our Best Fit Machine enables you to choose frames that fit you just right. Use your old pair of glasses to identify your current measurements and apply them to the relevant fields to discover your best matches. You can then purchase a pair of glasses that are the most suitable size for you. At least that way, you can be sure they’ll fit securely and be comfortable to wear!