Older woman with white hair smiling while wearing cat-eye frames

Top 10 most flattering glasses for older women

20 Nov 2023

Feel confident and show off your elegance and sophistication with glasses that complement you and give you a playful, youthful edge. Embrace your natural beauty as a mature individual and show pride in your appearance. We will talk you through which styles to go for and also discuss the best glasses for older women.

Older woman with short wavy hair wearing round frames while looking up to the right

Tips to keep in mind when shopping for new glasses

What is your face shape? Before purchasing new eyewear, it is important to consider which glasses will suit your face shape. Above all else, you want them to complement your features and not overcrowd your face. There are several face shapes to consider so make sure you browse our helpful face shape guide beforehand.

How will you be using your new glasses? You may require glasses to view close-up objects or to see distances. Consider what you use your glasses for on a daily basis. If you are an active person, you might benefit from a pair of sports glasses. Whether you use them for reading or you need to wear them all day, it’s worth thinking about how much you want to spend and also how comfortable the glasses need to be. For example, frames with adjustable nose pads and spring hinges allow a more comfortable, bespoke fit, while those with a keyhole bridge are designed for individuals with wider noses. Meanwhile, if you require glasses for both reading and distance, adding multifocal lenses is a convenient way to see multiple distances with one pair of glasses.

Have you considered what size frame you want? It’s a good idea to think about what size frame is best. If you wear varifocal glasses, it’s worth reading our tips for choosing the right frame. Your chosen frame must not be any wider than your face otherwise it will not fit you properly. You also need to consider your pupillary distance (PD) which measures in millimetres the distance between each of your pupils. This will ensure your glasses are aligned properly and therefore you’ll be able to see clearly.

Consider what colour might suit you. As a mature woman, it’s important to think about what colour glasses you want to go for. The best way to decide this is by considering your skin tone. You’ll also want to pick a colour that brightens your natural complexion and doesn’t make you look washed out. If your skin tone is warm, you will have undertones of yellow and gold. Meanwhile, if your skin has a pink or blueish cast, it is most likely cool. Warm complexions suit a light tortoiseshell, yellow, shades of browngoldkhaki green and beige. Cooler skin tones, on the other hand, suit dark tortoiseshell, blacksilver, purple, blue and grey.

Make sure your personality shines through! It’s very important that your style reflects who you are as a person so don’t forget to consider your unique traits and incorporate colours and shapes that you like most.

10 best glasses for older women

We have carefully selected some of the most suitable glasses for older women. Find a design to flatter you and prepare yourself for every occasion.

Round tortoiseshell Ted Baker frames
Ted Baker Kaity

Retro round tortoiseshell glasses

Cool and classic, round frames are a timeless style that never goes out of fashion! For older women, a pair of round tortoiseshell glasses will add a touch of glamour and also fashionable flair to your wardrobe! The classic combination of brown, orange and black colours is versatile and will suit a variety of complexions, styles and outfits. Meanwhile, the circular shape of the lens hints at your wisdom and maturity. Round frames offer the perfect balance of both modern style and old-fashioned class!

Chunky black rectangular Persol frames
Persol PO3301V

Chunky black frames

Highly contemporary, oversized glasses will add a youthful edge to your look. Boxy square frames are very trendy this year. Also, thick black frames suit grey hair, so if you have silver locks this is an ideal style to go for! Additionally, if you’re a varifocal wearer, the bigger the frame the better as it will fit your lenses perfectly and enable you to see clearly out of them.

Leopard print cat-eye Dolce and Gabanna frames
Dolce & Gabbana DG3360

Charming cat-eye glasses

Add elegance to your look with a pair of cat-eye glasses. The characteristic upswept corners that make this style stand out will lift your features. Cat-eye glasses make a real statement and are loved by women of every generation. Don’t be afraid to go for a quirky pattern or a bright colour!

Round blue Polaroid frames
Polaroid PLD D453

Bright blue designs

Brighten your complexion with a vibrant blue or any exuberant colour that suits your skin tone and style. Match your chosen colour in subtle ways by coordinating it with your jewellery and accessories. A brightly-coloured frame is a great way to make yourself look younger.

Round semi-riimless red GD collection frames
The Collection Scarlett

Simple semi-rimless frames

Stylish semi-rimless glasses have a minimal design that will give you a refined look. In contrast to rimless glasses which are at risk of ageing you because they show the lines around your eyes, semi-rimless frames offer a stylish alternative. There is enough material at the top to pull attention upwards and draw focus to your eyes. These styles of glasses are normally made of sturdy metal and are comfortable to wear.

Beige tortoiseshell clubmaster style Scout frames
Scout Alex

Classy Clubmaster glasses

Traditionally a very masculine style recognised for its prominent browline, Clubmaster glasses have evolved to become one of the most popular feminine styles. They have a timeless appeal and a classic design that suits a variety of age groups. Achieve a smart and professional look with this classic frame shape.

Cat-eye shaped metal Aspire frames
Aspire Heidi

Elegant metal designs

Metal-rimmed glasses are sleek and fashionable. For mature women with a warm complexation try gold, meanwhile, those with a cool skin tone should choose a silver frame. It’s important to be aware that metal frames can be heavier than plastic ones, so if you prefer lightweight designs, this might not be the best option for you. You should also try to avoid frames that sweep downwards like Aviators as they are at risk of making your skin appear tired and loose.

Clear grey oval Scout made in Italy frames
Scout Made In Italy Bauta

Trendy transparent glasses

Clear frames are chic and functional thanks to their minimalist design. They make a fresh alternative to classic styles. Transparent glasses are also available in a variety of trendy colours, perfect for introducing subtle vibrancy into your wardrobe.

Round tortoiseshell Tom Ford frames
Tom Ford FT5836-B

Innovative geometric designs

Geometric glasses are funky, fun and fashion-forward. After all, you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional shapes. If you want to show off your personality in a subtle way, then an unconventionally shaped frame will definitely have to be your go-to style.

Round oversized Ombre style from purple to brown Aspire frames
Aspire Hattie

Playful designs

If you have a quirky personality then you can convey this by wearing a pair of funky frames. Bold shapes are very on trend at the moment and are also a great way of adding a youthful edge to your wardrobe. This design by Aspire has a retro-inspired oval silhouette. Ideal for parties and social gatherings, its very unique and stylish.